Monday, Apr 5, 2021

Inter-Club Print Championship 2021

The PAGB wishes, if at all possible, to hold the Inter-Club Print Championship in 2021. They do not know what restrictions may be in operation in October, the usual time to hold this competition, and so their objective is to plan for maximum flexibility.

The 2021 Inter-Club Print Competition will be held at Smethwick on 24 October 2021. Each federation will be invited to nominate two clubs and, as usual, the eight finalists from the previous competition (held in 2019) will also be invited to participate. The EAF have therefore nominated Beyond and Ware.

It is hoped that by October an event can be held which people can attend. Numbers might be limited but it is hoped to have some attendance from the participating clubs. If it isn’t possible to have an audience, then it is planned to run with the 3 judges and a handful of helpers.

The current format of the competition requires all participating clubs to be present, to bring their prints and to select prints for the Final and Plate competitions, after the first round. Given that there may be national or local restrictions on the number of people permitted to travel or attend events in October (and/or social distancing restrictions) it is proposed that for 2021 the Inter-Club Print Championship will be a one-round competition, with each club submitting 15 prints.

If it is not possible to have an audience, clubs will be asked to send their prints to Smethwick in advance, rather than bring them on the day.