Monday, Aug 2, 2021

Club meetings revert to normal

The Committee now feel sufficiently comfortable to proceed with the programme as presented and to recommence normal meetings at the hall from our start date on 14th September.

Hi everyone,

I am happy to bring you news of our plans for the coming season. You will hopefully be delighted to know that your committee met last week to discuss the start of the upcoming season next month.

The unanimous agreement was that we all now felt sufficiently comfortable to proceed with the programme as presented and to recommence normal meetings at the hall from our start date on 14th September. Our President has been in discussion with the church and we can confirm that they are more than happy for us to resume. In fact, we have since heard that they are already holding normal meetings with their congregations.

The need for members to “sign in” will remain but obviously become even more important, thereby giving us an accurate record of attendees on any given night and enabling us to contact them should we need to. With this in mind, we ask that anyone subsequently having Covid symptoms contact a committee member so that we can then simply advise others who were there on the night.

Refreshments will continue to be made available at the break but we will be using disposable paper cups and biscuits will be individually wrapped rather than taken from a large packet. If members so wish, they can, of course, choose to bring their own refreshments instead and we ask that members make full use of all the space available to us. The wearing of facemasks will be discretionary but we suggest it would be sensible to adopt a similar approach to that used currently in restaurants and to apply them when moving around the space. Hand sanitizers will also be available.

Whilst we hope all this is welcome news to most we do appreciate that some members may still be a little wary. Recognising this, with the much-appreciated assistance of Jonathan Dadds, our plan is to also live-stream the evenings via Zoom from September through to the Christmas break, for the benefit of those who prefer to remain at home. We stress, however, that such streaming is only a short-term interim solution and is not expected to continue into 2022. The reason for this is that there is a lot of work involved in facilitating this and, perhaps more importantly, the essence of the club is very much about the fun that only normal club meetings and our weekly get-togethers really bring.

Zoom has many, many advantages, of course, and was a huge saviour last season during the various lock-downs but obviously it is no substitute for direct personal interaction. That said, Zoom will still play an important part of our programme going forward, enabling us to continue with Zoomed events on those nights when the hall isn’t available to us so previously there was no club activity.

Furthermore, it is possible that we might also arrange one or two special Zoomed evenings in subsequent years instead of meeting at the hall, the idea being that we might then book a somewhat unique speaker from elsewhere in the UK and the world at large whom otherwise we might not get to see.

In light of the above, the decision has been made that we will also take a small risk in producing and distributing our normal printed programme, which we know many of you would also like. We are fortunate that, with the sponsorship we obtain, the nett cost of so doing is relatively small.

One final bit of information is that this year’s Christmas Meal at the Cricketers will now be held a week later than previously advised, namely on the 12th December this year instead of the 5th.

Well, that is it really. It seems that subscription renewals are progressing really well and I and the rest of the committee look forward immensely to seeing you all back with us come September.

Kind regards, Roy