Okay, it’s a new normal. The things we were all concerned about before the virus appeared now seem insignificant. COVID-19 is changing the landscape. But know this…one day, it will all be over and we’ll resume worrying about petty things.


We hope that you and your loved ones stay safe, well and positive through this very difficult time.

Club News and Events

2020-21 Programme


The programme for this season will only be available in digital form.


There are however links on the Home and Documents pages as well as here to an alternative imposed version that anyone who wishes to have a printed version can download and print a copy providing their printer has a double-sided printing facility with, in this case choosing the “print using short side” command.

This alternative version allows for the finished print job to be gathered and folded in half and then stapled to give a document of a very similar type to the professionally printed programme that the club has issued in the past.

The existing PDF of the  programme that has already been sent out via e-mail can also be printed of course.

External Events

EAF Print and PDI Championships 2021


Sadly a decision has been made to cancel both the EAF Print and PDI Championships for 2021.


At this time the EAF Exhibition is going ahead, with a caveat depending on the current situation. Members can if they want re-submit the work they did in March.

Catch up on live talks provided by the RPS during lock down on YouTube.


Remote presentations and judging are becoming the norm and offer an advantage as physical distance is not an issue giving a wider choice of judges and speakers.

As well as the up and coming RPS talks posted on the What's on page you can catch up with any interviews from their season of live talks here. Be sure to return to catch up on other videos as they're added.

Regarding Nature Definition


A new PAGB document termed Nature Eligibility for PAGB events has been posted on the Documents as being the outcome of the responses from the area federations with the PAGB In addition the following is reproduced from the EAF Bulletin.


Revised Rules

Due to the considerable concern of club members to the change in the definition of the Nature Rule in February 2020, the Executive has discussed this further and subsequently has agreed the following changes.

The so-called ‘montage paragraph’ has been removed as well as the restriction on people being included. Other text has been simplified and the Wildlife section has been removed. The Nature Rule will now be referred to as ’Nature Eligibility’ and is published on the PAGB

Website. The Monochrome Rule has also been renamed ‘Monochrome Eligibility’.

Salons, Exhibitions and Circuits


Images submitted are judged to standards set by whomever they have received patronage from and a week or two later, the results for the salon are published. Photos that have won awards, commendations or honourable mentions are then sent certificates, small trophies/medals and in rare cases a salon may offer cash prizes. The rest of the images are either accepted or declined and each photographer is given a report card showing how well they did.

The notion of an acceptance is an important one as the goal of most photographers entering a salon is to earn acceptances. This means your photograph is officially recorded as meeting a minimum standard by the salon judges and they want to include it in that year's suite of exhibited images. The letters after photographer's names come from and indicate how "successful" someone has been in salons over time.

See here for any exhibitions being held.

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