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Club Meetings Continue Online 2020/21

When the COVID-19 restrictions came in in 2020, CPS put together a full programme of talks, tutorials, and competitions for the members, which are being presented online. These have proven to be popular, with good attendance and we thank all the speakers and judges who have also adapted to this medium. We will continue with this format until further notice but we cannot wait to be able to meet once again.

Ladies v Gents Competition 2nd March 2021

Last night the much-anticipated battle between the Guys & Gals of CPS
was contested with 32 photographers putting their work forward to be judged by
Paul Radden DPAGB, EFIAP/s, PSA4*.

Paul expertly appraised the images, giving great feedback and helpful tips on where he thought images could be improved. However, he kept the evening light-hearted and with a sense of fun and good humour. He kept the suspense going by holding back 12 images which he then scored 9 and above.  Congratulations to Derek Howes for his stunning wildlife image of Steller Sea Eagles on sea ice which Paul would have given marks of 11 if that had been allowed.

Eventually the Guys were victorious on a narrow margin of 243.5 points to 236.
















My thanks go to everyone who participated in last nights event and a special thank you to Paul for his expert appraisals.


The four images that scored 10 can be seen here.


Complete scores can be seen here.

Chrissie Hart

External Competition Secretary

First Light Colin Westgate 10
Male bee eater offering bee to female Cheryl Wilkes 10
Steller Sea Eagles on sea ice Derek Howes 10
Storm Jorge from Porthcawl Kate Jackson 10
Chapel and the Moon Martin Ventris-Field 9.5
Mountain Light Colin Westgate 9.5
Winter Sunrise Jennifer Brett 9.5
A Winter's Day Chris Aldred 9
Blue tit flying to the feeder Robert Macdonald 9
Huts and Dunes Jennifer Brett 9
Male Kestrel with Beetle Cheryl Wilkes 9
Young Golden Eagle Marny Macdonald 9

Revised and updated guide and rules for preparing PDI's for competition

The requirements for image entries into PDI competitions have been revised, in that the inclusion of the members' name in the image file name is no longer required. This makes things a little easier for members and also the competition secretary when offering entries for remote judging. However, it is to be noted that such details are still required to be entered into the image meta-data.

It has also been realised that the work-flow guides previously issued and available on the website were out-of-date in some respects. The newly revised document reflects the above and, in addition some further advice has been provided aimed at ensuring better image viewing accuracy across printed media, presentations via a projector, video communication or the Internet.


View or download the revised document here.


In addition to the above guidance has also been issued with regard to this seasons
Image of the Year competition which can be viewed here.

External Events

External Competition Secretary Report 26th February 2021


Mersea Island Challenge Trophy 2021 – 10 ROUNDS HELD TO DATE

Another busy week in the MIPS calendar with further 4 rounds held. The marks once again varied considerably; Dingwall & Ivybridge producing lower scores than those given by Chris Palmer at XXR and Keith Barber at Rochdale. Colchester are still maintaining a healthy lead; 77 points ahead of our nearest rivals, Cambourne & Redruth and Rochdale with just 2 rounds remaining.

We now have a lull in proceedings until the next round at Camborne & Redruth being held on the 4th March.

See full reports and tables from the last four rounds here


All the images scoring 20 to date can be viewed here.


Reports from previous MIP's 2021 competitions in this series can be see here

Chrissie Hart

External Competition Secretary.

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Coming up

2021 EAF Exhibition

The 2021 Exhibition will not be taking place in May. But the EAF hope to be able to arrange for the Exhibition to take place at Wingfield Barns in August.


August 2021 EAF Exhibition at Wingfield Barns. Prints and Projected Images. Opening on Saturday 14th August. Closing on Tuesday 31st August.

Click on the image of the poster for a larger version giving full details of opening days and times.

Catch up on live talks provided by the RPS during lock down on YouTube.


Remote presentations and judging are becoming the norm and offer an advantage as physical distance is not an issue giving a wider choice of judges and speakers.

As well as the up and coming RPS talks posted on the What's on page you can catch up with any interviews from their season of live talks here. Be sure to return to catch up on other videos as they're added.

Salons, Exhibitions and Circuits


Images submitted are judged to standards set by whomever they have received patronage from and a week or two later, the results for the salon are published. Photos that have won awards, commendations or honourable mentions are then sent certificates, small trophies/medals and in rare cases a salon may offer cash prizes. The rest of the images are either accepted or declined and each photographer is given a report card showing how well they did.

The notion of an acceptance is an important one as the goal of most photographers entering a salon is to earn acceptances. This means your photograph is officially recorded as meeting a minimum standard by the salon judges and they want to include it in that year's suite of exhibited images. The letters after photographer's names come from and indicate how "successful" someone has been in salons over time.

See here for any exhibitions being held.

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