East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies Annual Exhibition 2022
East Anglian Federation of Photographic Societies Annual Exhibition 2022

Sat 30th Apr 2022 14:00am - Sun 15th May 2022

This event will hopefully (subject to Covid restrictions) take place at the Wingfield Barns in Suffolk from Saturday 30th April with the official opening and presentation of the awards at 2.00pm, and closing on Sunday 15th May, is well worth a drive up there. You could have lunch at the nearby De La Pole Arms restaurant, Church Road, Wingfield, IP21 5RA, (advisable to book in advance).

I appreciate that it may seem a long way off at the moment but now is the time to start thinking about your selection. This is one event where you can choose which images you want to submit and, although they are submitted through the club, the selection committee have no say in what goes forward, so I am giving you all plenty of notice.

The rules and entry forms are all on the Society’s website; please read them carefully. You can submit a maximum of 4 PDIs, 3 Colour and 3 Mono Prints. Please do not use any other entry form other than our club entry form which is available on the clubs website.

This year we are going to use the ‘Photo Entry System’, which everyone seems to have mastered. The deadline will be Tuesday 1st March - You will need PDIs to accompany all print entries.

Please download the word document entry form from the club website. The file name of any PDI submitted must be the same as the PDI or Print title entered on the entry form and, in the case of the prints, the same as the title on the back of the print itself, (variations in the past have presented problems). Send it to Steve Robinson, publicitysecretary@colchesterphotosoc.co.uk by no later than Tuesday 1st March. No late entries please. The cost is 60p per image, payable in cash only please, to Steve Robinson by that date.

Prints can be handed to me before, but by no later than, Tuesday 8th March, which is the final round of the Colour Print League. Again, no late entries please.

As there could be a shortage of images this year, please give it some thought and make a submission. Sadly, there will be some prints which will not get through selection on Sunday 3rd April. These will be returned on Tuesday 5th April club night. I hope to see a good response from you all, and the very best of luck.

– Vic

2022 Exhibition Rules

CPS Entry Form

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