The PDI and Print Competitions.

Winners of competitions will be decided based upon a members total aggregate score. We would naturally wish to have a single outright winner thus avoiding the possibility of a shared trophy. Should this be necessary to achieve a result the “top-scoring” members in question will be asked to offer a tie-break image


Going into the final round, members that are contenders for the top spot will be required to nominate one of the images that they have ALREADY entered in that particular season’s competition as their tiebreaker. They could pick an image that got a 10 from a previous judge, or maybe gamble that last judge is going to really love their image from the last round, if they've saved best for last, and chose one of them as their tie-breaker instead!


For the PDI Competition they have to tell the PDI Secretary which tie-break image they have chosen when submitting their seasons last images, so that such an image can be retrieved and be readily available if it needs to be used.


For Print Competition, the tie-break image needs to be handed to the Print Competition Secretary along with their final images,  or one of the final images nominated as such, the Tuesday before the final print competition as usual.


Should a tie occur the tie-break images will be offered up for the judge for he/her to choose their favourite. Such an image will attract one extra point which will be added to the aggregate total thus deciding the outright winner for the season.

Competition Entry Rules Checklist

Please note that entries to the main competitions are restricted to full members unless otherwise stated and that if joining from another club or organisation, previous competition images that are more than twelve months old shall not be offered up for a C.P.S competition. The term “Open” will mean any subject of your choice.

Print Competions
When resumed
There will be three colour print and three monochrome print rounds. A
maximum of two prints may be submitted for each round of both the colour and monochrome print competitions. The maximum number of entries for each competition over the season will therefore be six images in each competition.
Digital Competitions
Six rounds
PDI Competitions 1 to 4:
2 entries from Intermediate and 1 from Advanced in each competition.

PDI Competitions 5 & 6:
1 entry per Intermediate and 2 per Advanced in each competition.

Thus Intermediate members will now be entitled to enter a total of 10 images in the open competitions throughout a season and Advanced members a total of 8 images.
Essex Challenge Trophy
A Digital Competition
open to all members
An “Open” themed competition with a maximum of two images following
standard PDI guidelines. All the Images must have been photographed in Essex
Digital Triptych
As we are unable to run a ‘Three on a Theme print competition for this season only, three entries are permitted
Three Set Subjects
A Digital Competition
open to all embers
A competition for 2021 only.
Subjects are: are ‘Trees’, ‘Creative’ and ‘Emotion’
Only one entry is permitted for any two of the three subjects listed.
Prizes will be awarded in each category.
Images of the Year
Special arrangements appy to this competion for this year only.
Please see the information concerning this given in the
changes to the current 2020-21 season

You are urged to review the rules and other details relating to our competitions and take careful note of any more recent changes changes that may have occurred via email since last season.

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