Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Bateleur Eagle 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Eyeing up lunch 8
Amit Roy Fashion House in Unlikely Location 7.5 Andrew Smith Leaf Cutter Bee About to Fly 8
Aysu Bilgic On a Sunny Day in Front of a Cosy Home 9.5 Chrissie Alexander Monkey Business at the
Natural History Museum
Aysu Bilgic Early Rainy Morning in Istanbul 7 David Cross Nut Hatch 8.5
Ben Heather Fly Love 9 Ed Jones Trodden steps 7
Ben Heather Portrait of a Mining Bee 9 Eric Dew Pride and Joy 8.5
Colin Brett Wolf taking a drink 9.5 Jan Cross Loch Linnhe Sunset 9
Colin Brett Setting the pace 7.5 Jeff Scott Spheres Of A Sunken Garden 8
Colin Dando Loud Speaker 8.5 Ken Wallace Gigs Gigs Gigs Gigs Gigs
Gigs Gigs Gigs and more Gigs
Colin Dando Caribbean Waiter 8 Mary Battye Kingfisher 9
David Blackwell Mussenden Temple 9 Matt Biggin 6000 miles from home 7
David Blackwell Fading Light 7.5 Nair jones all about nature and man 6.5
Derek Howes Bare throated Tiger Heron tossing a fish 10 Nesta James Dubrovnik roof top ascent 8
Derek Howes Polar Bear family in evening sun 8.5 Roger Birt Structures New and Old 8.5
Graham Brace Personal Hygiene 8.5 Sanae Fujita Malta at Dusk 7.5
Graham Brace South American Jaguar 8.5 Steve Ball The Way to Enlightenment 10
Jennifer Brett Early Morning Mist 8.5 Tony Argent Natural Art on the edge of the Stour 7
Jennifer Brett Raindrops on rose 7.5 Tony Smith I'm Watching You 9
Lynn Mash Hummingbird Hawk Moth 8.5 Trevor Viney Mary and Child 7
Lynn Mash Small Tortoisehell Butterfly on Sea Holly 7.5 Wendy Leech The Corkscrew in Red, White and Blue 8
Lynn Rix Pair of European Bee-eaters. 10      
Lynn Rix Brown Hares in Suffolk. 9      
Marny Macdonald Diving kingfisher 10      
Marny Macdonald Gentoo Penguin surfing to the shore 8.5      
Martin Gould New Born Calf_Romania 9      
Martin Gould Poon Hill Sunrise 8      
Martin Leech Emma 9      
Martin Leech Lets Go For A Warp 8      
Mary Brace Giant Otter, Brazil 8.5      
Mary Brace Young Olive Baboon, Tanzania 8.5      
Norbert Kiss Nature's beauty 8.5      
Norbert Kiss Selfie with a 70-200mm 8      
Peter Howard Beach Hut & Boat with Rail Link FOR SALE… 8.5      
Peter Howard The Early Morning Walk 8.5      
Peter Pangbourne Kestrel in flight 8.5      
Peter Pangbourne Locust 8      
Robert Bannister Brown Hare Boxing 10      
Robert Bannister Night heron with nesting material 10      
Robert Farrow Large White Feeding 9      
Robert Farrow Peregrine Falcon 8.5      
Robert Macdonald Crested Tit 9.5      
Robert Macdonald Hares Boxing 9      
Steve Robinson Himalayan Rocky Landscape 8.5      
Steve Robinson Annapurna Sanctuary 8      
Terry Stone Oops Bad Mistake 8.5      
Terry Stone Quad Bike Racing 7.5      
Tony Bramley BT Tower 10      
Tony Bramley Walking Man (The) 8.5      


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