Individual Scores
5th PDI Competition.

Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Red Arrows Flying After Dark 7 Abimbola Oshisanwo Bajan Sunset 7.5
Amit Roy Bengal Tiger of Sunderban India 6 Alison Pangbourne More Light Balls 7.5
Aysu Bilgic White Boat on the Shore 8 Andrew Smith Lily Beetles 10
Aysu Bilgic Warehouse Porter 7 Anne Aldred Water Vole 9
Chris Aldred Sweet Donegal 7.5 Chris Poole Alresford Creek 8.5
Chris Aldred Climate Change 7 Chrissie Alexander What Lies Beyond 7
Chrissie Hart House Sparrow Collecting Food 9 David Cross Ring of Bright Water 8.5
Chrissie Hart Incy Wincy Spider 7.5 David Egerton Blue Tit Feeding Chicks 7
Colin Brett Black Tailed Godwit Feeding 10 Dean Crosdale Andean Condor 7
Colin Brett Misty Stour 8.5 Ed Jones Moment of Rest 9
Derek Howes Goldfinch with Seedhead 10 Eddie Campbell Mirror Mirror 6.5
Derek Howes Observant Black Bear Cub 8 Eric Dew Thumbs up for Paella 7.5
Geoff Felton On Top of the World 9 Jan Cross Sunset Murmuration 8.5
Geoff Felton Red Elephant Tsavo National Park 8 Jeff Scott Stacked Chairs in Abstract 3 7.5
Graham Brace Wild South American Puma 7 Ken Wallace Glastonbury Unleashed 10
Graham Brace Three Swans in Row 5 Matthew Millard Mountain and Cloud 8
Jennifer Brett Concarneau Medieval Harbour 9 Nair Jones Bonding Light and Textures 7.5
Jennifer Brett Raindrops on Rose 7.5 Nesta James Black Scabbard Fish Eye Lens 6
Jonathan Dadds On the Drums 7.5 Paul Douglas The Hunt 9.5
Jonathan Dadds In Flight 6.5 Peter Jones Heron 8
Kate Jackson Storm Jorge Light Show 9.5 Shane Leach Taking It On The Chin 10
Kate Jackson Fairyland 9 Simon Andrews Standing Tall 7.5
Lynn Rix Jaguar Enters the Cuiaba River 8.5 Stan Douglas Show Off 7
Lynn Rix Verreaux's Sifaka 7.5 Trevor Viney Room for One More 9
Marny Macdonald Puffin with a Beakfull of Sand Eels 9 Wendy Leech Shadow and Form 8.5
Marny Macdonald Kingfisher Turning a Fish 8
Martin Gould Copper Beaten 8
Martin Gould True Grit 7
Mary Brace Making Butter the Old Fashioned Way 8
Mary Brace Raven 7
Peter Howard Camelia in Mono 9.5
Peter Howard Early Moring Dog Walk 8.5
Peter Pangbourne The Crossing Peterborough Cathedral 9.5
Peter Pangbourne Lioness 9
Robert Bannister Brown Hare Fighting 10
Robert Bannister Common Tern With Catch 7.5
Robert Farrow Trapped 8
Robert Farrow Effort 7.5
Robert Macdonald Hoopoe in Flight 8
Robert Macdonald The New Male Lions of the Masai Mara 7.5
Roger Cuthbert I Really Must Get Out More 8
Roger Cuthbert Small Beginnings 8
Steve Ball Telecom Tower 10
Steve Ball Walking the Dog 7.5
Steve Robinson Church in Lipari 8
Steve Robinson Mountain View from the Cob 7
Terry Stone I Will Catch You 7.5
Terry Stone I'm Watching You 7.5
Tony Bramley Abandoned DeSoto Firedome Route 66 8.5
Tony Bramley Female Humpback Lobtailing 8


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