Individual Scores
3rd & Final Mono Print Competition.

Advanced Mono Print     Intermediate Mono Print  
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Vegetable Seller India 9 David Banks King of the Jungle 8.5
Annie Ringland Five 8.5 Eric Barker Backwater Stratford St Mary 7
Annie Ringland John 7 Eric Barker Aira Force 6.5
Chris Aldred Flakstad Storm 9.5 Jeff Scott Wedding Panoramic 7
Chris Aldred Early Morning Reinefjorder 8.5 Jeff Scott Glass Shadow 6
Chrissie Hart Proudly Maasai 10 Mary Battye Farmer Humph Starting Up His Tractor 8.5
Chrissie Hart Roaming the Savannah 9.5 Mary Battye Eryngium Sea Holly 8
Colin Brett Omaha Beach Memorial 7 Rod McKenzie Shot of the Day 8.5
Colin Brett Snowfield 7 Rod McKenzie Zenography 6
Colin Westgate Leopard Namibia 10 Steve Ball Colne Radio's Mike Harwood 10
Colin Westgate The Beauty of Age, India 8.5 Steve Ball Adam's Bridge, Canary Wharf 6
David Blackwell The Tunnel 8.5 Tony Argent Gymnastics with a Motor Cycle 9
David Blackwell Kings Cross 8 Tony Argent Mill in a Spinney 8
Geoff Jackson Southern White Rhino 8.5 Wendy Leech My Take on the Tate 8.5
Geoff Jackson Herero Elder 8 Wendy Leech Cobbold's Point Felixstowe 6
Kate Jackson Talisker Point 8      
Kate Jackson Cactus City 6      
Marcia Mellor Rainy Day 8.5      
Marcia Mellor The Hit Man 8.5      
Marny Macdonald Black Stallion 9      
Marny Macdonald East Cloister Salisbury Cathedral 7      
Nancy Shephard Sacred Candle Seller, Ganges 6      
Nancy Shephard Securing the Fortress 6      
Norbert Kiss Lauren Jane 6      
Peter Howard The Three Sentinels 8      
Peter Howard Haydn Seek Anyone? 6      
Peter Pangbourne Seashell 9.5      
Peter Pangbourne We Well See…...... 8.5      
Roy Essery Light and Shadows 8.5      
Roy Essery Meditation 8.5      
Terry Stone Through the Puddle 7.5      
Terry Stone Kicking Up Grass and Mud 7      
Tony Bramley St Rita, Cathedral Budapest 7.5      
Tony Bramley Amsterdam Commuter & Dog 7        


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