Individual Scores
3rd Colour Print Competition.

Advanced Colour Print Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Pomegranate 7 Alison Pangbourne Is This My Best Side? 8
Amit Roy Roll and Break 7 Alison Pangbourne Portrait of a Lioness 7
Annie Ringland Lioness 8 Barry Collier Pink Heaven 7
Annie Ringland Mist Over Loch Maree 7.5 Jeff Scott Astral Encounter 7.5
Ben Heather Azure Damselfly 8 Jeff Scott Light Demon 7
Ben Heather Thick Thighed Flower Beetle 8 Ken Wallace Southern Ocean Wave 8
Cheryl Wilkes Mating Avocets 8.5 Mary Battye Schoolboy on Satawal Island 10
Cheryl Wilkes Yellow Billed Storks Nesting 7.5 Mary Battye Driving Through the Autumn Canopy 8
Chris Aldred Hamnoy 10 Rod McKenzie Look Me in the Eye 9
Chris Aldred Therfield 8 Rod McKenzie Winning Embrace 8
Chrissie Hart Hyena 10 Steve Ball Groovy Arts Club Band 10
Chrissie Hart The Vacuum Cleaner 9.5 Steve Ball Take Up the Slack 8
Colin Brett Cheetah 8.5 Wendy Leech Passing Bus 9
Colin Brett Bearded Tit 8 Wendy Leech Taking It in Her Stride 8
Colin Westgate Beachlight 9.5      
Colin Westgate Let Music Stir Your Soul 7.5      
David Blackwell Battersea Power Station 9.5      
David Blackwell Joan's Fan 8      
Derek Howes Keel Billed Toucan in the Rain 9      
Derek Howes Young Swallow Tailed Gull Begging for Food 8      
Kate Jackson Hot Red Chilli Peppers Mumbai 8      
Kate Jackson The Steam Roller Mechanics 7      
Lynn Rix Big Horn Ram Scratching a Meagre Living 8      
Lynn Rix Yellowstone Winter 8      
Marcia Mellor Freedom 10      
Marcia Mellor Riding the Storm 9      
Marny Macdonald Impala Jumps for Joy 9      
Marny Macdonald African Fish Eagle Bathing 8.5      
Nancy Shephard A Step in Time 8      
Nancy Shephard Girl with Attitude 8      
Norbert Kiss Lines 8      
Norbert Kiss Olivia 7.5      
Peter Pangbourne We Will Remember Them 8      
Peter Pangbourne Pham Sushi 7.5      
Robert Bannister Fox in Snow 8      
Robert Bannister Black Woodpecker Returning to Feed Young 7.5      
Robert Macdonald Polar Bear Spitsburgen 10      
Robert Macdonald Brown Hares Boxing 8.5      
Roy Essery Oi You 9.5      
Roy Essery Birches in the Blue Hour 8      
Terry Stone One Handed Freestyle 7.5      
Terry Stone Loosing the Board 7      


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