Individual Scores
2nd Mono Print Competition.

Advanced Mono Print Intermediate Mono Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Eye of the Zebra 7.5 David Banks Arlington Way 9
Amit Roy Horse Detail 7 David Banks Which Way? 9
Annie Ringland Best Friends 9 Eric Dew Invitation to Ascend 8
Annie Ringland Storyteller, Agra 7.5 Eric Dew Outside Looking In 7
Chris Aldred Uttakliev Beach, Lofoten 9 Jeff Scott Landscape Minds Eye 9.5
Chris Aldred Peter Knight on Stage at Folk East 8.5 Jeff Scott Jim Kerr 9
Chrissie Hart Broken Glass 9.5 Mary Battye Clematis Nelly Moser 10
Chrissie Hart Way Out 9 Mary Battye Tidal Surge 8
Colin Brett High and Dry 6.5 Matthew Millard Hanging Loose 6
Colin Brett Snowfield Visit 6 Matthew Millard Shed Along the Jetty 5.5
Colin Westgate Cloudbank, Mountains of Mourne 9 Rod McKenzie Sharp Tongue Exchange 8.5
Colin Westgate Remembrance 9 Rod McKenzie Arachnid Invasion 5
David Blackwell Amelia 7 Steve Ball The Only Way is Up 8.5
David Blackwell Smoking at the Wheel 7 Steve Ball Johnny Marriott of Pet Needs 8.5
Geoff Felton Langdale View 6.5 Tony Argent Still Life in the Tea Room 7.5
Geoff Felton Flooded 6 Tony Argent 2 99's Ma'am? That's 5 98 Thank You 7
Geoff Jackson Ravages of Time 10 Wendy Leech Standing Tall 10
Geoff Jackson The Felsenkirche (Church of the Rock) 8.5 Wendy Leech A Wash and Brush Up 6.5
Kate Jackson Early Morning Climb from Deadvlei 8.5      
Kate Jackson Determined Lady 6.5      
Marcia Mellor Curiosity 10      
Marcia Mellor Day Dreaming 10      
Marny Macdonald Common Tern with Catch 8      
Marny Macdonald Tiger Resting 7.5      
Nancy Shephard Buick 9      
Nancy Shephard Peace Lily 8      
Peter Pangbourne Textures and Shapes of the Barbican 8      
Peter Pangbourne Roscoff dinghy at low water 6      
Roy Essery The Storm Hits 9.5      
Roy Essery Just Chilling 8      
Terry Stone Lioness Portrait 9.5      
Terry Stone Louis' Bad Mistake 9      
Tony Bramley Hanger Lane Underground Station 7      
Tony Bramley We've Lost All Pressure, She's Going Down 7      


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