Individual Scores
2nd Colour Print Competition.

Advanced Col Print Intermediate Col Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Red Onions 9 Alison Pangbourne Chanel Isle de Batz 8
Amit Roy Poppy Buds and Vase 8 Alison Pangbourne Ugly Bird 7
Annie Ringland Polar Bear with Kill 7.5 David Banks Lightbulb Moment 9
Annie Ringland Bird on a Stick 6.5 David Banks Mersea Remembers 7.5
Ben Heather Helophilus Pendulus Feeding 8.5 Eric Dew Blue Sky Over the Rainbow 8.5
Ben Heather Eristalis Tenax Nectaring 6.5 Eric Dew Cloud Above and Cockles Below 9
Cheryl Wilkes Migrating Wildebeast 9.5 Jeff Scott Light Extreme 8
Cheryl Wilkes Oyster Catcher Feeding Chick 8.5 Jeff Scott Newquay Surfer 6.5
Chris Aldred Fishermens' Huts Hamnoy 8.5 Mary Battye Goldfinch Calling 8
Chris Aldred Arctic Flora, Hellarhaugen 8 Mary Battye Towards the Cumbrian Fells 10
Chrissie Hart Touches of Black 9.5 Matthew Millard Moving Touch 7
Chrissie Hart Valeting Gel 8 Matthew Millard Poppy 6
Clifford Sullivan Charming Rogue 6.5 Rod McKenzie Jade in Relaxation Mode 9
Colin Brett Bald Eagle 7 Rod McKenzie Strange Sunset 8.5
Colin Brett Holy Man 7 Steve Ball Caitlin of Tundra on Vocals and Guitar 10
Colin Westgate Bruarfoss, Iceland 9 Steve Ball Spiderman Ponders his Day at the Office 7.5
Colin Westgate The Pilgrim, Varanasi 7 Tony Argent Harwich Harbour Shimmering in the Sunset 9.5
David Blackwell The Swimmer 10      
David Blackwell Clown 8.5      
Derek Howes Caiman Tossing a Fish 9      
Derek Howes Common Greenshank on the Beach 8.5      
Jonathan Dadds Loud Hailer 7.5      
Jonathan Dadds Leaving Switzerland Behind 6.5      
Kate Jackson Evening stroll from the water hole 7      
Kate Jackson Leopard by a Termite Mound 7      
Lynn Rix Brown Hare Running 8.5      
Lynn Rix European Bee Eaters Exchange a Gift 8.5      
Marcia Mellor Ambient Beauty 9      
Marcia Mellor Waiting 8.5      
Marny Macdonald Mother "Polar Bear with Cub on Iceflow 9      
Marny Macdonald Camargue Stallions 7      
Nancy Shephard Simple Pride 8      
Nancy Shephard Girl in Blue Dress 7      
Norbert Kiss From a Different Point of View 9.5      
Norbert Kiss Brothers and Sisters 8.5      
Peter Howard New Slant on an Old Cottage 8.5      
Peter Howard Mr and Mrs Thistle 7.5      
Peter Pangbourne Charlotte Ellen 9      
Peter Pangbourne Portland Wave 6      
Robert Bannister Red Necked Grebe with Fish 8.5      
Robert Bannister Rose Coloured Starling with Grasshopper 7.5      
Robert Macdonald Yellow Billed Stork 8      
Robert Macdonald European Otter 7.5      
Roy Essery Start of Another Day 10      
Roy Essery Engagement 9.5      
Terry Stone Rather Close Together 8      
Terry Stone Having a Splashing Time 6.5
Tony Bramley Suprematism Composition No 34 9
Tony Bramley Covent Garden Style 7.5


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