Advanced Rnd 6 PDI Intermediate Rnd 6 PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Alex Tyler On the Pond 6 Abimbola Oshisanwo Roy 1 9.5
Aysu Bilgic Dynamic Angles 9.5 Alison Pangbourne St Michaels Mount from the East 9
Ben Heather Solitary Bee Nectaring on Helenium Flower 8.5 Alison Scott Late Summer Cornfield 7
Ben Heather Green-Veined White in Sea of Catmint 8 Andrew Smith Sagrada Familia Barcelona 8.5
Chrissie Alexander Pandemic Trauma 8 David Cross First Snow 9
Chrissie Alexander Spring Blossom 7 David Egerton Victorian Pottery Worker 8.5
Chrissie Hart Autumn Hangs On 8.5 Eddie Campbell Morning Frost 9.5
Chrissie Hart Golden Light 8.5 Eric Dew Lion Approaching with Intent 10
Colin Brett Shock Wave 8 Jan Cross Winter Landscape 8
Colin Brett Tiger Close Encounter 8 Jeff Scott A Frozen Web 10
David Blackwell St Paul's 10 Ken Wallace In the Heat of the Day 8.5
David Blackwell Sunset 7.5 Matthew Millard Out of Bondage 6.5
Derek Howes Steller Sea Eagles on Sea Ice 9.5 Nesta James Fashion Essentials 9.5
Derek Howes Onlookers at a Leopard Kill 8.5 Paul Douglas Gull 8
Hilary Knight Sunrise at Frinton 8.5 Rob Moore Bedouin in the Sahara 8.5
Hilary Knight Nalidi 7 Shaun Hykel Winter on its Way 8
Jennifer Brett The End of the Track 9 Stan Douglas Dancer 7.5
Jennifer Brett Sunflower 7 Stan Douglas Rowers 7
Jonathan Dadds The Physics House Band 9 Wendy Leech Winter Sun Setting over Golf Course 8
Jonathan Dadds Screaming on the Surf 7      
Kate Jackson Common Bonnets 8.5      
Kate Jackson Evening Poppies 8      
Lynn Rix Finch Conflict 9      
Lynn Rix Jabiru Stork with Nesting Material 9      
Marcia Mellor The Family Seat 9.5      
Marcia Mellor Gemma 7      
Marny Macdonald Fieldfares during Beast from the East 10      
Marny Macdonald Gannets Beaking at Troup Head 8      
Martin Heathcote Hyena Feeds whilst Vultures wait their turn 9      
Martin Heathcote Lion Watches the Watcher as African sun rises 7.5      
Martin Leech Sunrise on Frinton Beach 10      
Martin Leech Out in the Blizzard 8      
Mary Battye Hovering Hoverfly 10      
Mary Battye The Heart of a Hellebore 8      
Peter Pangbourne Holywell Lake at Sunset 7.5      
Peter Pangbourne SS Great Britain 7      
Robert Bannister Night Heron with Nesting Material in Flight 8.5      
Robert Bannister Grey Heron in Flight 8      
Robert Macdonald Fighting Goldfinches in disappearing snow 9.5      
Robert Macdonald Cymbidium Orchid 7.5      
Roger Cuthbert Northbank 9      
Roger Cuthbert Yours 8.5      
Steve Ball Martin Chung Invaders of the Heart 10      
Steve Ball Inside Tate Britain 9      
Terry Stone Three Teams Close Together 7.5      
Terry Stone Judges Keeping Score 6.5      
Tony Bramley Eye Film Institute Amsterdam 9      
Tony Bramley Mushroom Still Life 9      

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