Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Alex Tyler Winter Walk 4 Abimbola Oshisanwo Mount Talbot 7
Amit Roy Orangutang 3 Abimbola Oshisanwo The Button Accordion Player 5
Annie Ringland West Pier Evening 6.5 Alison Pangbourne After the Rain on Portreath Beach 7
Aysu Bilgic Spiralling Downwards 9 Alison Pangbourne Ready for Sea at Sennen Cove 5
Ben Heather Darter Embrace 10 Alison Scott Moonscape 7
Chris Aldred Standing Strong 10 Alison Scott Sea Goddess in Stone 7.5
Chrissie Alexander I Love London 6 Andrew Smith Fungi with Mycelium or Light Bulbs with Wiring 8
Chrissie Hart Autumn Light 8.5 Andrew Smith Newly Hatched Ermine Moth Opening its Wings 6.5
Colin Brett Pair of Gannets Bonding 9 Anne Aldred Essex Smack 7
Colin Dando Oyez 8.5 Anne Aldred Shot at Dawn 8
Colin Westgate Mountain Light 9 David Banks Pictorial Seascape 5
David Blackwell Vulcans Last Flight 8.5 David Banks The Pushmi-Pullyu 6
Derek Howes Yellow Billed Oxpecker with Nesting Material 8.5 David Cross Autumn Colours 6
Geoff Jackson Namibian Leopard 8 David Cross Frosty Morning 9
Hilary Knight Youth and Beauty 9 David Egerton Patterns at The British Museum 8
Jennifer Brett Its All About the Light 7 David Egerton Sharing 8
Jonathan Dadds Dingus Khan 6 Dean Crosdale Big Ben 6.5
Kate Jackson Fly Agaric in Pods Wood 7.5 Dean Crosdale What Do You Have to Say 6
Lynn Rix European Bee Eaters 10 Ed Jones Poppy on the Sidewalk 4
Marcia Mellor Box of Bulldogs 10 Ed Jones Where Did it Go 6.5
Marny Macdonald Blue Tit with Mealworm 8 Eddie Campbell Between Showers 6.5
Martin Heathcote Reflections on a Canteen Chat 10 Eddie Campbell Sunrise 6
Martin Leech That Moment in Time 9 Eric Dew Light at the End of the Tunnel 7
Mary Battye Honey Bee Approaching Purple Toadflax 7 Eric Dew Swan Close Up 10
Nancy Shephard Welcome to My Beach Hut 7 Jan Cross Beginning of Autumn 7
Peter Howard Surplus to Requirements 8.5 Jan Cross Four Spotted Chaser 8.5
Peter Pangbourne Maria Under a Summer Sky 6 Jeff Scott Bed Planting 7
Robert Bannister Green Breasted Mango Hummingbird in Flight 8 Jeff Scott Venturing Out 8.5
Robert Farrow Small White Feeding on Cornflower 7.5 Ken Wallace Gone Fishing 6
Robert Macdonald Magpies at Dawn 5 Ken Wallace The Long Goodbye 8
Roger Cuthbert Anticipation 7 Matthew Millard Little Ones on a Fun Run 6
Roy Essery Chinese Lanterns 8 Matthew Millard Prayer 6
Steve Ball The Pschedelic Lewis Floyd Henry 10 Nesta James Ava 8
Steve Robinson Low Tide at Wells Next the Sea 7 Nesta James Little Corner of Venice 7
Terry Stone High Flyers 6 Paul Douglas Acrobatic Manoeuvre 9
Tony Bramley Trellick Tower 7.5 Paul Douglas Remembrance 7.5
      Richard Gardner Spreading Out 7
      Richard Gardner Yellow Burst 7
      Rob Moore Changing of the Season 8
      Rob Moore The Devil vs God 10
      Shaun Hykel Alone 10
      Shaun Hykel The Light on the Boat 9.5
      Stan Douglas Oops Cycle Jumper 5.5
      Stan Douglas Togetherness 7
      Trevor Viney Low Tide on the Blackwater 6
      Wendy Leech Do You Come Here Often? 9.5
      Wendy Leech Wet Shoes 6.5

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