Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Alex Tyler Purple wave 7.5 Abimbola Oshisanwo Buzzed by Bee 7
Alex Tyler Essex View 8 Abimbola Oshisanwo Schloss Nordkirchen 8
Amit Roy In Pensive Mood 6 Alison Pangbourne Pastoral Ely 6
Aysu Bilgic Last Look 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Resting peacock 7
Ben Heather Paddleboarding on the Stour at Sunrise 6 Andrew Smith Brown Tailed Moth Caterpillar 8.5
Chrissie Alexander The Textile Student 7.5 Andrew Smith Urban Wren with Evening Meal for Fledglings 9.5
Chrissie Hart Grandad's Shed 8 Anne Aldred Glacier Walk 7.5
Colin Brett Greater Kudu 8.5 Anne Aldred Lyme Regis 8
Colin Dando Making a Connection 9.5 David Cross Golden Eye 8
Colin Westgate Stormy Sunset, Dyrholaey 9 David Cross Sunset Loch Etive Connel 9
David Blackwell Sunrise 9 David Egerton A Beggar's View 8.5
Derek Howes Kingfisher with a Fish 10 David Egerton Puffins 8
Geoff Jackson New Life 8.5 Ed Jones Family on the River Colne 6
Hilary Knight River scene at Llangollen 7.5 Eddie Campbell Icy Rose 7
Jennifer Brett Shadow Patterns 8.5 Eddie Campbell Rule of 6 7.5
Kate Jackson On the Edge of Fury 10 Eric Dew Beavering Weaver 8.5
Lynn Rix Tawny Owl 8.5 Eric Dew Daisy on the Roof 9
Marcia Mellor Puli Pair 8.5 Jan Cross Crystal Sea to the Isle of Rona 7.5
Marny Macdonald Nuthatch 9 Jan Cross Struggling to Survive 8
Martin Heathcote Early Morning View from the Beach 6 Jeff Scott In The Begining... 10
Martin Leech Reflection From A Pool On The Beach 6.5 Jeff Scott Maintenance 7
Mary Battye Red Kite 8 Ken Wallace St Monans Eve 8.5
Peter Howard Morning Silhouette 10 Ken Wallace St Monans Reflections 8.5
Peter Pangbourne Mind where you put that bowsprit 6.5 Matthew Millard Irish Street Music 6.5
Robert Bannister Bee-eater Attack 9.5 Matthew Millard Tropical Flower 6.5
Robert Farrow Birds of Prey 7.5 Nesta James 42 The Dark Tower 6.5
Robert Macdonald Inquisitive Pine Martin, Scotland 8.5 Nesta James Peach of a Rose 8.5
Roger Cuthbert Guitarra Amarilla 7 Paul Douglas Motorcycle Acrobatics 9
Roy Essery The Players 8.5 Paul Douglas No Justice, No Peace 9.5
Steve Ball Kristin Hersh 9 Peter Jones Homage to Hilton (Barry) 6.5
Steve Robinson Snowdon Ranger Ridge 8 Peter Jones No time to Converse 8.5
Terry Stone Iguana 7.5 Richard Gardner Dawn on the beach 8.5
Tony Bramley The Hurried Man 8.5 Richard Gardner Early riser. 9.5
      Rob Moore Midnight on the Danube 9.5
      Rob Moore Modern lines 8
      Rob Moore Room with a View 8.5
      Rob Moore The City of Lights 8
      Shaun Hykel Coastal smells 8.5
      Shaun Hykel Moving grass 8.5
      Shaun Hykel North west 9 10
      Shaun Hykel Quiet Noise 8.5
      Stan Douglas Big Issue 7.5
      Stan Douglas The Louder I shout the more you will WIN 7.5
      Trevor Viney Just room for a small one! 7
      Trevor Viney They're looking at us! 10
      Wendy Leech Reflecting On the Beach 7
      Wendy Leech Waiting and Remembering 7

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