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Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Lone Swimmer 7 Abimbola Oshisanwo No 2 Bus on the Grand Canal 8
Annie Ringland A different viewpoint 7 Abimbola Oshisanwo Small White Butterfly on Buddlea 8.5
Ben Heather Garden Crab Spider 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Lift off 7.5
Chrissie Alexander Water Lilies at Bath Chatto's 7.5 Alison Pangbourne Pisces Approaching her Berth 8
Chrissie Hart Grebe Mother & Chick 9 Alison Scott Borrowdale Farms 8.5
Clifford Sullivan Portrait 7.5 Alison Scott Hodge Close Quarry 7.5
Colin Brett Banded Demoiselle 8.5 Andrew Smith Sun Lovers 8.5
Colin Dando Brief Encounter 10 Andrew Smith Urban Wren Feathering Her Nest 9
Colin Westgate First Light, Iceland 9.5 Anne Aldred Colour Co-ordinated 8
David Blackwell Cobbold's Point 8.5 Anne Aldred Peaceful Ending 7.5
Derek Howes Two male Cheetahs and Small Cub Spells Danger 8.5 David Cross Meadow Brown 10
Hilary Knight On Morning Patrol 9 David Cross Mountains at Sunset 8
Jennifer Brett Nature Claiming Back Disused Quarry 8 David Egerton Autumn at Dunwich Heath 7
Jonathan Dadds Milky Way over Finchingfield 8.5 David Egerton Boats on Dungeness Beach 8.5
Kate Jackson Watchful Sparrowhawk 9.5 Dean Crosdale I am Innocent Sir 7.5
Lynn Rix Capuchin Monkeys 8 Dean Crosdale Protester 9
Marcia Mellor Mam Tor Sunrise 10 Eddie Campbell Easy Living 8.5
Marny Macdonald Leopard Returning to its Meal 9 Eddie Campbell Showboat 8
Martin Heathcote Running From Mischief Perhaps 8.5 Eric Dew Hot Lips 9
Martin Leech Shush 9 Eric Dew Look Into My Eyes 9
Mary Battye Hovering Barn Owl 9 Jan Cross Near Loch Tollaidh Wester Ross 10
Mary Brace Coral Sand Dunes 8.5 Jan Cross The Early Bird 10
Peter Howard Osea Huts 10 Jeff Scott Photography Heaven 8.5
Peter Pangbourne Movement 7.5 Jeff Scott Pin Mill Sunset 7.5
Robert Bannister Kingfisher Emerging With Three Fish 8.5 Keith Owens Choppy Waters 7
Robert Farrow Small White Butterfly Feeding 8.5 Keith Owens Not another day in Paradise 6.5
Robert Macdonald Artic Fox 8.5 Matthew Millard Helping Hand 7.5
Roger Cuthbert They think its all over-it is now 8.5 Matthew Millard Vegetable Display 7
Roy Essery The Bike Shed 8.5 Nesta James Leaf and Apple 7
Steve Ball After the Rain 8.5 Nesta James Teracotta Roofline of Dubrovnik 8.5
Steve Robinson Ash Running down Etna 8.5 Paul Douglas Black Lives Matter 8.5
Terry Stone Storm Over St.Peters 8 Paul Douglas Enduro 6.5
Tony Bramley 1 Canada Square 10 Peter Jones Black Lives DO Matter 8
      Peter Jones Peter Pan can still fly 9
      Richard Gardner Blue Sky 7
      Richard Gardner Playing Gooseberry 8.5
      Stan-Douglas Sharing!!! 8
      Stan-Douglas Stag Beatle 8
      Wendy Leech Buttercup and Daisy 7.5
      Wendy Leech Locked Out 8.5

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