Individual Scores
3rd Colour Print Competition 2020

Advanced Colour Print Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Thieving Giraffe 7.5 Alison Pangbourne Teenager in Love 9
Amit Roy Orchid Isabella Pulchella 7.5 Alison Pangbourne Spheres of Light 8
Annie Ringland Seascape, Namibia 8 Barry Collier Stone Fish 8
Annie Ringland Solitary Oryx, Namibia 7.5 Barry Collier Samoyed Drummond 6.5
Chris Aldred Seaview 10 Chris Poole White Necked Jacobin 10
Chris Aldred Cathederal Cave 10 Chris Poole Upper Loch Torridon 6.5
Christine Hart Misty Morning in Cau Hai Lagoon 10 Christine Alexander Floating Tulip 10
Christine Hart Faded Elegance 9.5 Christine Alexander Street Style 8
Clifford Sullivan End of the Day 7.5 Jeff Charles Scott Park Rose 9
Clifford Sullivan Thames Barrier 7 Jeff Charles Scott Absurdity Witness 8
Colin Brett Short Eared Owl taking a rest 8.5 Richard Gardener Southwold at Dawn 9.5
Colin Brett Venice Dream 7.5 Richard Gardener La Dame de Fer 7.5
David Blackwell Tall in the Saddle 7.5 Tony Argent Bike Park 8.5
David Blackwell Amy 7 Tony Argent Pavement Artist, Southbank London 8
David Egarton The Flypast 7.5 Wendy Leech Amur Tiger Cub 9
David Egarton The Crucial Text 7 Wendy Leech Bless you my Son 7.5
Elaine Butcher Lofoten Fishing Village 8
Elaine Butcher Playtime at the Beach 7.5
Jonathan Dadds Carly Rae Jepson, Oslo 7.5
Jonathan Dadds Foreign Beggars 6.5
Kate Jackson Sarita from Kalkrand 8.5
Kate Jackson Storm Ciara, Newhaven 8
Lynn Rix Hawfinch 7.5
Lynn Rix Harvest Mouse 7
Marcia Mellor Ruff Ruff 10
Marcia Mellor Into the Light 9
Marny MacDonald Giant Kingfisher spots a meal 8
Marny MacDonald Short Eared Owl 7
Martin (Hector) Heathcote Chives in Flower 8.5
Martin (Hector) Heathcote Autumn Dream 7.5
Martin Leech King Vulture 9
Martin Leech Striding out 8
Mary Battye Wintry Dawn on the Stour 9
Mary Battye Kingfisher with Catch 8
Peter Pangbourne The Lonely sea and sky 8
Peter Pangbourne The voyage begins 8
Robert Bannister Kingfisher with Stickleback in Flight 10
Robert Bannister Little Bee Eaters 9.5
Robert MacDonald Blue Rock Thrush 9
Robert MacDonald Grey Headed Woodpecker 6.5
Roy Essery The Opposite Bank 9
Roy Essery Turbulance 9
Stephen Ball Jah Wobble & the Invaders of the Heart 7.5
Stephen Ball Herring Gull chicks 7.5
Terry Stone Eye between the Horns 8.5
Terry Stone Reflection over Beeleigh 7.5
Tony Bramley Full of Sun 8.5
Tony Bramley Blue Café 7.5


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