Individual Scores
2nd PDI Competition.

Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Mischievous Boys of Bengal-India 7 Abimbola Oshisanwo Busy Bee 7
Aysu Bilgic Paused for All 8.5 Abimbola Oshisanwo Great-Horned Owl 6.5
Chrissie Hart Borneon Probosis Monkey with Offspring 8.5 Adrian Paris A Listening Ear 8.5
Clifford Sullivan Stranger at the Door 6.5 Adrian Paris You Just Can't Get Away
From Photo Bomers
Colin Brett Emperor Dragonfly in Flight 9.5 Alison Pangbourne Cheetah portrait 6.5
Colin Dando Seeing the Light 8 Alison Pangbourne Post Office Tower 6.5
Colin Westgate Milky Way & Quiver Trees, Namibia 8 Andrew Smith Male Yellow-barred Long-horn Moth 7
David Blackwell For Sail 6.5 Andrew Smith Once There Was a Hornet and a Fly 8
Derek Howes Golden Eagle Collecting Prey 9.5 Anne Aldred Parys Mountain Copper Mine 7
Gary Eason B-17 crash landing 7.5 Anne Aldred Talacre Lighthouse 9.5
Geoff Felton Kenyan Boys Playing 7 Chris Poole Dawn at Tan Hill 9.5
Graham Brace The Wild Grivet Monkey 7 Chris Poole Waxwing on Rowan 6
Hilary Knight Tower Bridge by Night 8 Chrissie Alexander Catching some Rays 6.5
Jennifer Brett Morning Flight 9.5 Chrissie Alexander Lizard Love 8.5
Lynn Rix Bonnet Macaque 7 David Cross Brighton Murmuration 10
Marny Macdonald Hoopoe Approaching its Nest 10 David Cross Race Against Time 7.5
Martin Gould Gujarati Village Girl 7.5 David Egerton Dovercourt Lighthouse 7.5
Martin Heathcote Look Down and Reflect on What You See 8.5 David Egerton Please Buy One 7.5
Martin Leech The Lone Tree 8 Dean Crosdale Black-tailed godwit 8.5
Mary Battye Puffin Calling 8 Dean crosdale Deanjr 7.5
Mary Brace Samrat a Young Bengal Tiger
Bandavgarh NP India
8 Ed Jones Three Generations in Step 7
Peter Pangbourne St Michaels Mount Cornwall 7 Ed Jones World in the Rain Drops 7
Robert Bannister Darter with Large Tiger Fish 10 Eddie Campbell Night Bus 6.5
Robert Farrow Large White Nectoring 8.5 Eddie Campbell No touching 8.5
Robert Macdonald Golden Eagle Enjoying its Meal 6.5 Jan Cross Easdale Derelict Cottage 7
Roger Cuthbert Sliding Tackle 7.5 Jan Cross Pin Mill Boat Graveyard 8.5
Steve Ball I'm Spiderman, No! I'm Spiderman 6.5 Jeff Scott Barbican Walkway 10
Steve Robinson Vulcano 7 Jeff Scott From Within A Tin Mine 7
Terry Stone Horns And Ears 6.5 Keith Owens A bit of a fixer upper 7.5
Tony Bramley Late Stormy Weather
Yellowstone National Park
7.5 Keith Owens Your dog's got funny legs 6
Ken Wallace Kate Tempest 6.5
Ken Wallace Spiritualised 9
Matt Biggin London Wall at dawn 7.5
Matt Biggin South Place towards Liverpool Street 7.5
Matthew Millard Flowers 6
Matthew Millard The Mirrored Roof 7
Nair Jones Counting layers 6
Nair Jones Unexpected beauty 6
Nesta James Feel the Breeze 9
Nesta James Madeiran Chaffinch 8
Paul Douglas Decay 6.5
Paul Douglas No VAR Here 7.5
Peter Jones Fleeing the Storm 6
Peter Jones Red Devils split 3 ways 7
Shane Leach Glaciers Under An Arctic Sky 8.5
Shane Leach Jabbing The Night Away 10
Simon Andrews On A Mission 6.5
Simon Andrews The Pink Lady 7.5
Simon Bellotti Catch Me If You Can 8.5
Simon Bellotti Egg and Spoon Winner 9
Stan Douglas Nuts! 6
Stan Douglas Terrier 7.5
Wendy Leech Rapeseed in Close-up 6.5
Wendy Leech Walk Along the Prom 6.5


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