Individual Scores
2nd Colour Print Competition 2020

Advanced Colour Print Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Don't mess with him 7 Alison Pangbourne Impressions of Kensington & Chelsea Town Hall 7
Amit Roy Oriental Poppy 6.5 Alison Pangbourne Destined for Jam 5
Annie Ringland Church in the Wilderness 9 Barry Collier The Old and New Lifeboat Stations Tenby Harbour 6.5
Annie Ringland Dunes at Sunrise 6.5 Chris Poole Strath Dionard 9
Cheryl Wilkes Red Squirrel feeding in the heather 10 Chris Poole Waxwing on Rowan 10
Cheryl Wilkes Red footed Falcons mating 10 Christine Alexander Flyaway thoughts 10
Chris Aldred Haukland Beach 10 Christine Alexander Fairy Tree 8.5
Chris Aldred Osea View 10 Jeff Charles Scott Neil Innes - Angled 10
Christine Hart Swallow fledglings squabbling over food 10 Jeff Charles Scott Being Bowled 10
Christine Hart Triple Red 8 Ken Wallace Where the wild things are 8.5
Clifford Sullivan Not a chosen lifestyle 10 Tony Argent Parasols in Culver Square 8
Clifford Sullivan Close Formation 9 Tony Argent Ipswich Marina 6
Colin Brett Early morning dog walk 9 Wendy Leech Sun setting over Frinton 6
Colin Brett Frosty Morning 10 Wendy Leech Possible Fortune and Fame 8
Colin Westgate Evening Glow, Iceland 8.5
Colin Westgate Tuscan Sunrise 6
David Blackwell Watching 10
David Blackwell Tunnel under the Thames 9
David Egarton George 7.5
David Egarton Taj Mahal 5
Derek Howes American Bobcat 10
Derek Howes Lion King 9.5
Elaine Butcher Dawn Breaking 8.5
Elaine Butcher Lofoten 8
Geoff Felton Peek a boo, Kenyan Boys 9
Geoff Felton Catch me if you can 8.5
Hilary Knight Waiting 9
Jonathan Dadds And so I watch you from afar 10
Jonathan Dadds Jeff 9
Kate Jackson Desert Elephant, Damaraland 10
Kate Jackson Late November, Pods Wood 10
Lynn Rix 20 below zero 9
Lynn Rix Charlie 9
Marcia Mellor Who goes there? 6
Marcia Mellor Penmon Point Sunset 8.5
Marny MacDonald Golden Eagle 10
Marny MacDonald Arctic Tern with Sand Eel 10
Martin Heathcote Yellow Baboons at dawn 10
Martin Heathcote Dreaming of a Tuscan Dawn 10
Martin Leech Amy 9
Martin Leech The Violinist 10
Mary Battye Wild Barn Owl with prey in talon 4
Mary Battye Female Emorer Dragonfly laying eggs 6
Peter Pangbourne Mirosa sailing in the rain 9
Peter Pangbourne What went up MUST come down 7
Robert Bannister Baboon with baby 8.5
Robert Bannister Purple Heron taking off 10
Robert MacDonald Puffins on Fair Isle 10
Robert MacDonald Kingfisher 9
Roger Cuthbert Male it Monochrome 8.5
Roger Cuthbert After the Party 8.5
Roy Essery Honeymoon Cottage 8
Roy Essery The Trek 10
Stephen Ball Derek Jones on guitar 9
Stephen Ball Selfridges Bullring, Birmingham 8
Steve Robinson Derwentwater, Christmas Day 9
Steve Robinson Lipari 8
Terry Stone Stock car racing 7
Terry Stone Misy Morning over Beeleigh 9
Tony Bramley Western Honey Bee, Apis Melifera 8
Tony Bramley Suprematist Composition, Tom Ford set 7


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