Individual Scores
1st PDI Competition.

Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Art Deco Architecture
Esplanade Court Frinton
8 Abimbola Oshisanwo Amy 7
Aysu Bilgic Z 7.5 Abimbola Oshisanwo Covent Garden 7.5
Ben Heather Bathing Avocet 8 Adrian Paris High Tide Tollesbury 8
Chrissie Hart Hyena with Kill 8.5 Adrian Paris Walk Of Faith 8
Clifford Sullivan Inside Line 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Entrance Hall St Mary Redcliffe 8
Colin Brett Winter morning dog walk 9.5 Alison Pangbourne Wolf 8
Colin Dando Cathedral Amiens 8 Andrew Smith Global Warming. 8
Colin Westgate Last Light, Glen Etive 9 Andrew Smith Monodontomerus Parasite on
Mason Bee Cocoon..
David Blackwell Close Encounter 8.5 Anne Aldred Coastguard Cottages 8
Derek Howes Humpback Whales bubble-net feeding 10 Anne Aldred Penmon Point 7.5
Geoff Felton Fish Eagle Lake Baringo 8.5 Chris Poole Female Green-crowned Brilliant 9.5
Geoff Jackson On the Edge 8.5 Chris Poole Looking North-West from Greenup Edge
in the Lake District
Graham Brace The Green Cross Code 8 Chrissie Alexander Aira Force 5
Hilary Knight St Pauls 8.5 Chrissie Alexander Snake Charmer 8
Jennifer Brett Hodge Close Quarry 8.5 David Cross Sevilla Rocks - Namibia 8
Jonathan Dadds Don't Tell Me How To Do My Job 9 David Cross Shaped by the Wind 7.5
Lynn Rix Hoopoe with caterpillar 10 David Egerton Felt Hats 7
Marny Macdonald Bonelli`s Eagle 9.5 David Egerton Skein of Greylag Geese 8
Martin Gould Dereliction Orford Ness 9 Ed Jones Critical observers 7
Martin Heathcote Ghostly Florentine Duomo 8.5 Ed Jones Waiting after the shower 7.5
Mary Battye Wild Barn Owl with Prey 8 Eddie Campbell Pollution Control 7.5
Mary Brace Tigress, Kahna National Park, India 8 Eddie Campbell Shade of Blue 7
Peter Pangbourne Vaulted ceilings St Mary's Redcliffe 8.5 Eric Dew Flight 5
Robert Bannister Male brown hare chasing female 8.5 Eric Dew Spider on Water 8
Robert Farrow Saxophonist 9.5 Jan Cross By Loch Tollaidh 8
Robert Macdonald Hoopoe 9.5 Jan Cross Let Me Out! 8
Steve Ball The Groovy Arts Club Band Needs You 9.5 Jeff Scott Dawn Fountain 6
Steve Robinson Mountain View from above Manang 8 Jeff Scott Ostracised 8
Terry Stone Hanging On For Dear Life 8.5 Keith Owens Clacton Pier at Night 5
Tony Bramley Ray Ban Soho 10 Keith Owens Clacton Pier Night Black and White 7
Ken Wallace Michael Kiwanuka 7
Ken Wallace Pigs x 7 10
Matt Biggin Cocking a leg 7
Matt Biggin Executive planning session 7
Matthew Millard Lighting 7
Matthew Millard Spray of Water from High Speed Boat 7
Nair Jones A star is born 6
Nair Jones No Privacy 6.5
Nesta James Carole 10
Nesta James Roadside Cheer 8
Paul Douglas The Cat 7.5
Paul Douglas The Serve 7.5
Peter Jones 21st Century Assassin 9
Peter Jones Living on the Edge 8
Richard Gardner Can I eat these? 5
Richard Gardner Cypus Sunset 7.5
Roger Birt Squirrel staying dry in his tree 8
Roger Birt Symbol of miners toil 8
Sanae Fujita Whitby in Sunset 8.5
Sanae Fujita Yamadera 8
Shane Leach Facial Distortion 10
Shane Leach Mast To The Stars 9
Simon Andrews Creative Expression 7
Simon Andrews Grey Skies Over The Barbican 7.5
Simon Bellotti Low Tide At Mersea 7.5
Simon Bellotti Winners and Losers 10
Tony Argent Tree loss at East Mersea 8
Tony Argent Urban Mirage 10
Tony Smith Norwegian View 7
Tony Smith O Lonesome Me 6.5


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