Individual Scores
1st Mono Print Competition.

Advanced Mono Print Intermediate Mono Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy In Pensive Mood 8 Alison Pangbourne Winchester Cathedral 9
Amit Roy Elephant's Eye 6 Alison Pangbourne Pack up your Troubles 5
Annie Ringland Under the Steps 9 Chris Poole Brown Violet-Ear Hummingbird 7
Annie Ringland Alternative View 6 Chris Poole View from Coldbergh Edge 10
Cheryl Wilkes Pied Kingfisher in Dawn Sunrise 9 Christine Alexander Give me a Hand 9
Cheryl Wilkes Old Boat of Caol 8 Christine Alexander Tree of Knowledge 6
Chris Aldred The Dark Glade 10 Eddie Campbell Seat of the Bishop 7
Chris Aldred Penmon Point 8 Eddie Campbell Mysterious 7
Christine Hart High Drama over Black Mount 10 Jeff Charles Scott Diva Purple 7
Christine Hart Room with a View 8 Jeff Charles Scott Charcoal Dazed 6
Clifford Sullivan East Coast Fort 10 Tony Argent Grace with her hair up 7
Clifford Sullivan The Flugelist 7 Tony Argent Meerkat 10
Colin Brett The Jetty 8      
Colin Brett Still Waters 10
Colin Westgate Refreshment Stop, Albania 10
Colin Westgate Living on the Edge 8
David Blackwell The Galley 9
David Blackwell 33 9
David Egarton Sea Defence, Walton 8
David Egarton Storm Clouds over Shingle Street 9
Derek Howes Lion King 10
Derek Howes Follow The Leader 10
Elaine Butcher The Jetty, Lofoten 9
Elaine Butcher Dedham 6
Geoff Felton Leather and Pearls 7
Geoff Felton Haunted 8
Hilary Knight Stand Off 9
Kate Jackson Shy Himba Boy 8
Kate Jackson Dune 44 Sossusvlei 9
Marcia Mellor The Look Out 8
Marcia Mellor Power and Grace 9
Martin (Hector) Heathcote Arezzo Street Life 9
Martin (Hector) Heathcote Leaving the Sandbank 10
Martin Leech In from the right and up from the left 6
Martin Leech In a Hurry 9
Mary Battye Farmer Humph Takes a Call 8
Mary Battye Fishermans Huts Lindisfarne 7
Nancy Shephard Late for Lectures 6
Nancy Shephard Reflection of Success 6
Peter Pangbourne St Mary Radcliffe North Porch 7
Peter Pangbourne Primate Macaque 8
Roger Cuthbert Throwing a pot 9
Roger Cuthbert Watching 7
Roy Essery Aladdin 10
Roy Essery Bedgellet Cottage 9
Stephen Ball Converging lines at the Barbican 7
Stephen Ball Going Home from the Building 8
Steve Robinson In the Clouds 7
Steve Robinson Etna Smoking and Erupting 6
Terry Stone Dog Training 6
Terry Stone Plenty of Mud 7
Tony Bramley Textures of the Peak District 8
Tony Bramley Olympic Stadium, Berlin 7


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