Individual Scores
1st Colour Print Competition.

Advanced Colour Print Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Poppy 9 Alison Pangbourne More Bubbles 9
Amit Roy King Vulture 9 Alison Pangbourne Three sets of Spikes 7.5
Annie Ringland Beach in Namibia 8 Barry Collier Golden Ray Newquay 8
Annie Ringland Lioness, Relocating 8 Christine Alexander Rubik Cubes at Bamburgh Beach 9.5
Ben Heather Hummingbird Hawk Moth 8 Christine Alexander Girl with the Unicorn Hair 10
Ben Heather Darter Resting 9 Chris Poole Sandstorm Brewing – Erg Chebbi 10
Cheryl Wilkes African Wild Dogs Play Fighting 9 Chris Poole Rufus collared Sparrow 9
Cheryl Wilkes Little Bee-eaters catching
the early morning sun
8.5 Jeff Charles Scott Her Future 9
Chris Aldred Utakleiv Beach 9 Jeff Charles Scott Street Skater 7.5
Chris Aldred Farming the Chalk Downland 9.5 Tony Argent White Van looks tiny next to these
metal giants
Christine Hart Regret, Where has my life gone? 10 Tony Argent Start of the pier walk 7.5
Christine Hart Swallow, Feeding Fledgling 10 Wendy Leech A Cwmorthan Residence 8
Clifford Sullivan Stepping Out 9 Wendy Leech The eyes have it 7.5
Clifford Sullivan Street Life 10
Colin Brett Restoration Required 10
Colin Brett Misty Sunrise 9
Colin Westgate Breaking Wave, Durness 10
Colin Westgate Smiling Lady, Vietnam 10
David Blackwell The Gate house 10
David Blackwell Back to the Depot 9.5
David Egarton Iceland’s Hostile Environment 9
David Egarton Victorian Pottery Worker 9
Derek Howes A Special Bond 8
Derek Howes Tiger on the Prowl 9.5
Elaine Butcher Hamnoy, Lofoten 9.5
Elaine Butcher Rainy Day – Lofoten 8.5
Geoff Felton Burst Pipe, Tsauo National Park 10
Geoff Felton Catch 9
Hilary Knight Watch Out 8.5
Jonathan Dadds Stormzy- Glastobury 2019 9.5
Jonathan Dadds The Street 8
Kate Jackson Deadvlei Dawn 9.5
Kate Jackson Kondwani from Kirkland 10
Lynn Rix European Bee-eater 8.5
Lynn Rix Red Squirrel 9
Marcia Mellor Dedham Winter’s Morning 8.5
Marcia Mellor Autumn Watch 10
Marny MacDonald Great Grey Shrike 9
Marny MacDonald Kingfisher 8
Martin Heathcote Sunbathing Magnolia 9
Martin Heathcote Impression of Mersea Island Waterfront 9
Martin Leech Walking in the Rain 9
Martin Leech Derelict Hotel 9.5
Mary Battye Light before the Storm Glencoe 8.5
Mary Battye Female Kingfisher receiving
catch from Male
Nancy Shephard Innocent Eyes 9
Nancy Shephard Heather 8
Peter Howard Early Morning Mist 10
Peter Howard Early Morning Mont San Michel 9
Peter Pangbourne Mirosa in a hurry 9
Peter Pangbourne Waiting for the Tide 7.5
Robert Bannister Leopard Walking 7.5
Robert Bannister Bee-eater landing by mate 8.5
Robert MacDonald Hoopoe in Flight 8.5
Robert MacDonald Lesser Kestral 9
Roger Cuthbert Waiting for the Train 8
Roger Cuthbert Harvest 8
Roy Essery Sands of Rhyl 10
Roy Essery Light over Fence 10
Stephen Ball Boy in the Corner 9
Stephen Ball Dave and Derek the
Groovy Arts Club Band
Steve Robinson Sunset Silouhette 7.5
Steve Robinson Sunlit Tree in Watendlath 8
Terry Stone No Dust in the Lead 9
Terry Stone Meerkat Portrait 9.5
Tony Bramley Southwold Pier Digitally Restored 10
Tony Bramley B&O Play 10


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