Individual Scores
3rd Mono Print Competition.

Advanced Mono Print Intermediate Mono Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Annie Ringland Standing at the Edge of Time 8 Alison Pangbourne Yes 8
Annie Ringland Cheeky Steam Punk 7.5 Alison Pangbourne Buckfast Abbey 7.5
Annie Ringland Tree and Snow 7.5 Alison Pangbourne Godrevy Lighthouse 7.5
Colin Brett Southern Alps 8 Geoff Felton Brooklyn Bridge 10
Colin Brett All Stacked Up for Winter 7.5 Geoff Felton Metropolitan Cathedral, Liverpool 10
Colin Brett Left to Rot 7.5 Geoff Felton Hold On 8
Colin Westgate Ice Beach, Jokulsarlon 9.5 Jeff Scott Guitar Strings in Abstract 9.5
Colin Westgate Village Girl, Gujarat 10 Jeff Scott Back Street Naples 9
Colin Westgate Winter Mood, Glencoe 10 Jeff Scott Krista Sian Lynch 7
Elaine Butcher The Broken Fence 9 Mary Battye Brothers 8
Elaine Butcher Yellowstone Winter, Tanglewood 9.5 Mary Battye Lighthouse at Ardnamurchan Point 8
Elaine Butcher Heybridge Basin at Low Tide 8 Mary Battye Through Lisbon Bridge to Christ the King 7.5
Geoff Jackson Playful Humpback 10 Matthew Millard Canary Wharf 7
Geoff Jackson The Sentinel 8.5 Rod McKenzie Rising Star 9
Geoff Jackson Turbulent Marsh Weather 8.5 Rod McKenzie Charlotte 8.5
Jonathan Dadds Arcane Roots 8.5 Rod McKenzie Hooray Henley 7.5
Jonathan Dadds James 7.5 Steve Ball Lure of the Queen Street Brewhouse 10
Jonathan Dadds Meet me in St Louis, Arcton Gent 7 Steve Ball Give me a Fiver for a Clear Shot of the Bridge 8.5
Kate Jackson Winter Tree 8.5 Steve Ball Toboganning Together 8.5
Kate Jackson Big Boys Toys 7.5
Kate Jackson Floor Routine 7
Marny Macdonald Zebra at Drinking Pool at Dawn 8.5
Marny Macdonald Buffalo with Reflection at Water Hole 8
Marny Macdonald Elephant Leaving Drinking Pond at Night 7.5
Peter Pangbourne Storm Coming in over Godrevy Bay 8
Peter Pangbourne Candle for the Oppressed 7
Peter Pangbourne Tate, St Ives 7
Roy Essery Lips Malone 9
Roy Essery Patiently Waiting 10
Roy Essery Woman in a Wetsuit 8.5
Tony Bramley City Lady 9.5
Tony Bramley Salters Hall London 8.5
Tony Bramley Sampson Building London 8

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