Individual Scores
3rd Colour Print Competition.

Advanced Colour Print Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image Title Score Author Mono Print Score
Amit Roy Pink Poppy 9 Alison Pangbourne Resting in Truro 9
Amit Roy Juvenile Gorilla 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Storm Approaching Godrevy 8.5
Amit Roy Peek-a-Boo 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Where the Monks Pray 8.5
Chrissie Hart Fun in Mr Tharith's Tuk Tuk 10 Chrissie Alexander Big Wheel Keeps on Turning 7
Chrissie Hart Bloodied and Bagged 8 Chrissie Alexander Riverbank Reflections 8
Chrissie Hart Haute Cuisine 8 David Banks Harbour at Dusk 8
Clifford Sullivan Ghosts of the Underground 10 David Banks Through the Hoops 8
Colin Brett High and Dry 10 Geoff Felton Heard at the Bank 10
Colin Brett Mantling, Female Kestrel 9 Geoff Felton Lower Lumsdale Falls 10
Colin Brett Mrs Fox 8 Geoff Felton Thank you and goodnight 9
Colin Westgate Man of Varanasi 10 Jeff Scott Angel Splits the Sky 9
Colin Westgate Namafjall, Iceland 9.5 Jeff Scott Old Smoke 8.5
Colin Westgate Towards Marsco, Isle of Skye 9.5 Jeff Scott Silhouette Multiplied 10
Derek Howes Cheetah in Late Afternoon Sun 10 Mary Battye Falls at Aberdulais 9
Derek Howes Lesser Kestrels Mating 10 Mary Battye Footpath to Cley 7
Derek Howes Very Hungry Polar Bear 9.5 Mary Battye Highland Chief 8
Kate Jackson Humpback Breach 9.5 Rod McKenzie Catwalk Style 8.5
Kate Jackson Indigo 9 Rod McKenzie Perfection Personified 9
Kate Jackson Shoo Off 8.5 Rod McKenzie Winning Smile 9
Lynn Rix Cormorant with Catfish 10 Steve Ball Crisp December Morning 7.5
Lynn Rix Juvenile Snail Kite with Crab 9.5 Steve Ball Fallen Tree, Not a Problem 6.5
Marny Macdonald African Bee Eaters 10 Steve Ball Mersea Jetty 10
Marny Macdonald White Tailed Eagles Fighting 10
Marny Macdonald Polar Bear 9.5
Nancy Shephard Citizen of Mother Earth 9
Nancy Shephard Clarissa 9
Nancy Shephard Offering Praise to Mother Ganga 8
Norbert Kiss We Did 8
Peter Howard Evening Comes 8.5
Peter Howard Viada in Pensive Mood 8.5
Peter Pangbourne Candle for the Oppressed 9
Peter Pangbourne Flotsam or Jetsam? 8.5
Peter Pangbourne No Fishing Today 7
Robert Bannister Red Kite Soaring 10
Robert Bannister Steller's Sea Eagle with Fish 10
Robert Bannister Great Spotted Woodpecker on Snow Covered Tree Trunk 9.5
Robert Macdonald Bounding Cocker Spaniel in the Snow 9.5
Robert Macdonald Brunnich's Guillimots on an Arctic Ice Flow 9
Robert Macdonald Hovering Gannet 8.5
Roy Essery Resting on a Frozen Pond 9.5
Roy Essery Foggy Morning on the River 9
Roy Essery Hold Up 8
Tony Bramley Suprematism Composition No 66 9
Tony Bramley Lucid Tower 7.5
Tony Bramley Citizen of the Night 7
Peter Pangbourne To the Beach 7.5
Robert Bannister Arctic Tern Hovering 9
Robert Bannister Green Breast Mango Hummingbird Hovering 9
Robert Bannister White Tailed Eagle Above Ice Flow 9.5
Robert Macdonald Arctic Fox Scavenging on the Rocks 9
Robert Macdonald Gannet Going into a Dive 9
Robert Macdonald White Tailed Eagles Fighting 7.5
Roy Essery Fog and Reflections 10
Roy Essery Lady of Cuba 8.5
Roy Essery On the Way Up 8
Tony Bramley Mormon Barn, Grand Tetons 8.5
Tony Bramley Suprematism Composition No 58 9
Tony Bramley View (The) 7.5

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