Advanced - PDI 2 2017/18
Author Title Score
Amit Roy Felixstowe Docks at Dusk 9
Amit Roy Rare Andean Bear of South America 7
Annie Ringland Surviving 9.5
Annie Ringland Three Pools 8.5
Aysu Bilgic Lone Shepherd 10
Aysu Bilgic Winter Walker 9.5
Colin Brett Mountain Light 9.5
Colin Brett Art Deco 8.5
Colin Dando Candelabra 7.5
Colin Dando South Ken 6.5
Dave Clarke Keeping an eye on the ball 9.5
Dave Clarke The lazy days of summer 6.5
David Blackwell LOOKING UP 10
David Blackwell n h museum 9.5
Derek Howes Red eyed Tree Frog in the rain 10
Derek Howes King Vulture walking off a large meal 9
Gary Eason North of Glenorchy 8.5
Gary Eason Moored boats, East Mersea 6.5
Geoff Jackson Humpback breach 8.5
Geoff Jackson Spiritual seeker 8.5
Graham Brace Black Collared Hawk - Brazil 8
Graham Brace Toque Macaque - Sri Lanka 7
J Knapp Arrival And Departure 8.5
J Knapp Young Gannet Flying Over Colony 8
John Yateman Grand Mosque, Abu Dhabi 8.5
John Yateman Humayun's Tomb 7.5
Jonathan Dadds Superglu 8
Jonathan Dadds Fishclaw 6.5
Kate Jackson Joyful Baba 9
Kate Jackson Eagle View 7
Lynn Mash Starboard Bouy 7
Lynn Mash Autumn Evening Shadow 6.5
Lynn Rix Coyote. 8
Lynn Rix Puffins beak tapping. 8
Marny Macdonald Artic Fox hunting on Svarlbard cliffs 9
Marny Macdonald Black Grouse fight at the Lek 9
Martin Heathcote Abbie 9.5
Martin Heathcote White Anemone 9
Mary Brace Paris - Le Fumeur 8
Mary Brace Rigging on a Cloudy Day 7
Nancy Shephard Blue Vase 8
Nancy Shephard Offering Praise to Mother Ganges 8
Norbert Kiss Larger than life 7.5
Norbert Kiss DON'T GOOOO!!! 6
Peter Howard Evening comes 8.5
Peter Howard Moonlight Becomes You 8.5
Peter Pangbourne Red sky at night fishermen's delight 8
Peter Pangbourne Turn of the Tide 7.5
Robert Bannister Kingfisher with Fish Taking off 9
Robert Bannister Green-breasted Mango Hummingbird in Flight 8.5
Robert Farrow Tachina Fera 9
Robert Farrow Steampunk Mother and Daughter 8.5
Robert Macdonald Polar Bear on the Ice Flow 10
Robert Macdonald African Fish Eagle 8.5
Steve Robinson On Berwick Pier in the Mist 7.5
Steve Robinson Comma Butterfly on Bramble 6.5
Terry Stone Fast Cornering 8.5
Terry Stone Maldon Barge Race 8
Tony Bramley Twin Arrows Gas Station - Route 66 7.5
Tony Bramley El Capitan from Cathedral Beach 6
Intermediate - PDI 2 2017/18
Author Title Score
Adrian Paris OOPPS !!! 7.5
Adrian Paris 1969 Africa Bartering for Mementos 6
Alison Pangbourne Its that tower again 8
Alison Pangbourne Relaxing at Pulpit Rock 7
Andrew Smith Fly Blowing Bubble 9
Andrew Smith Frog in a Bog 8.5
Ben Heather In Hot Pursuit 8
Ben Heather Ivy Bee nectaring on Ivy Flower 9.5
Chrissie Alexander Lochside Fashion 7
Chrissie Alexander Puzzled by a Punk 7
David Banks Early morning meeting 10
David Banks Harbour by twilight 8
David Cross Dovercourt Low Lighthouse 9
David Cross Wild horses at Garub, Namibia 8
Dean Crosdale The lights 7.5
Dean Crosdale Leopard 7
Jan Cross Pwll Deri 10
Jan Cross Rainbow at Dusk 8.5
Jeff Scott A Tent Roof Shadow 8
Jeff Scott Bath`s Canal 8
Jennifer Brett Nectar Time 10
Jennifer Brett Bringing Life To Decay 9
Ken Wallace Cate Le Bon 8
Ken Wallace Zig Zag Pier 7.5
Mary Battye Threatening skies over Glencoe 9.5
Mary Battye Full steam ahead 8
Matthew Millard Blue Reflection 7.5
Matthew Millard Magical Garden 6.5
Maureen Blackwell Young Irish Fiddler 8
Nesta James Grand Central Station 'waking up' 7.5
Nesta James morning on the canal 7
Paul Douglas Waiting Game 7.5
Paul Douglas Avis, East End 7
Piers R Williams Green Dragonfly 7.5
Piers R, Williams Pink Flower 8
Stan Douglas I am just a Learner! 7.5
Stan Douglas The Scribe 7.5
Steve Ball Suprised by the Street Entertainer 8.5
Steve Ball Girl at the End of the Pillars 8
Tony Argent Taraxacum seed head on blue 8.5
Tony Argent Kitchen Staff at Kentwell Hall 7
Trev Viney Norfolk Sunset 8
Trevor Viney Buttermere Lake 7.5

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