Individual Scores
2nd Colour Print Competition.

Advanced Colour Print Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image Title Score Author Mono Print Score
Alec Corton Blacksmith in his Forge 9 Alison Pangbourne Rooftop 8
Alec Corton Cottage on the Shore 10 Alison Pangbourne Portland View 7
Alec Corton Through the Pub Window 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Its That Tower Again 6
Annie Ringland Still Morning 8 Andrew Smith Julian Alps, Slovenia 5.5
Annie Ringland Svinafellsjokull 7.5 Geoff Felton Stand and Stare 10
Annie Ringland Winter's Icy Grip 7.5 Geoff Felton Canary Wharf 9
Chrissie Hart Avocets Mating 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Golden Thistle 8
Chrissie Hart Oyster Catcher in Flight 10 Alison Pangbourne Shrine to Julie Cope 8
Chrissie Hart Railings 8 Alison Pangbourne At the End of the Day 7.5
Colin Brett Tawny Owl in the Rain 8.5 David Banks Early Morning Meeting 8
Colin Brett Urban Tree No 3 8 David Banks Ghost Car 7.5
Colin Brett Walk on By 9 Geoff Felton Early Evening, Ely 10
Colin Westgate Black Rock Cottage 9.5 Geoff Felton Waltzing Tulip 10
Colin Westgate Sunset, Doolin, Ireland 7.5 Geoff Felton Distracted 8.5
Colin Westgate Tangle Creek, Yellowstone 10 Jeff Scott Napoleon Dream 10
Dave Clarke Season's Greeting 9 Jeff Scott Video Shredded 8.5
Dave Clarke Three Swans a Swimming 8 Jeff Scott Pylon Distort 8
David Blackwell One Way Out 8.5 Mary Battye Pasque Flower Seedhead 9.5
David Blackwell Tate Staircase 8 Mary Battye Slate Quarry Boathouse 9
David Blackwell Under and Overground 7.5 Mary Battye Cabbage White on Poinsettia 8.5
Derek Howes Bald Eagle Devouring a Salmon 8.5 Rod McKenzie Rhiannah in Concert 9.5
Derek Howes Snow Leopard Playing with Falling Snow 9 Rod McKenzie Eyes of Innocence 9
Derek Howes Storm Brewing Over King Penguins 10 Rod McKenzie Keep Your Eyes on the Ball 9
Elaine Butcher Bighorn Sheep 9 Steve Ball Tollesbury Lightship 9.5
Elaine Butcher Snowscape 8 Steve Ball German Sheepdog Takes on the Long Jump 8.5
Elaine Butcher Wistful 8 Steve Ball Osea Beach Huts at Dawn 8
John Merison Common Sandpiper Calling 8
John Merison Kyle-Rhea Hand-Turned Ferry 8
John Merison OMG 8.5
Jonathan Dadds Power Stance 8
Jonathan Dadds Suffolk Surfer 8
Jonathan Dadds Wot Gorilla 8
Kate Jackson Delhi Schoolboy 9.5
Kate Jackson Grizzly Family Searching for Mussels 8.5
Kate Jackson Snow Friends 8.5
Lynn Rix Coyote Hunting in Yellowstone Snow 7.5
Lynn Rix Swallow Feeding Youngster 9
Marny Macdonald King Penguins Follow the Leader 8.5
Marny Macdonald Little Owl 9
Marny Macdonald Polar Bear Looks at Us 9.5
Nancy Shephard Heavenly Blue 8.5
Nancy Shephard Innocence of Youth 9
Nancy Shephard Two O'Clock Kolkata 8
Peter Pangbourne Exeter Cathedral 9
Peter Pangbourne Mask on the Rocks 10
Peter Pangbourne To the Beach 7.5
Robert Bannister Arctic Tern Hovering 9
Robert Bannister Green Breast Mango Hummingbird Hovering 9
Robert Bannister White Tailed Eagle Above Ice Flow 9.5
Robert Macdonald Arctic Fox Scavenging on the Rocks 9
Robert Macdonald Gannet Going into a Dive 9
Robert Macdonald White Tailed Eagles Fighting 7.5
Roy Essery Fog and Reflections 10
Roy Essery Lady of Cuba 8.5
Roy Essery On the Way Up 8
Tony Bramley Mormon Barn, Grand Tetons 8.5
Tony Bramley Suprematism Composition No 58 9
Tony Bramley View (The) 7.5

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