PDI - 1 - Advanced 2017/18
Author Title Score
Alec Corton Early Morning 7
Alec Corton Have you forgotten something 5
Amit Roy Orangutan -Amit Roy 7.5
Amit Roy Willy Lott's Cottage 5
Annie Ringland Red Squirrel 6.5
Annie Ringland Yellowstone Fox 8.5
Aysu Bilgic Guiding The Flock Home 9.5
Aysu Bilgic Persona Non Grata 8.5
Clifford Sullivan Heckington Mill 6
Clifford Sullivan Temptation 8.5
Coli Dando The Glazier 8.5
Colin Brett Impending Shower 7.5
Colin Brett Salvins Albatross Landing 7
Colin Dando Anastasia 6
Colin Westgate Girl in the Doorway, India 8.5
Colin Westgate Tiger, Ranthambore 8
Dave Clarke Godafoss Falls Iceland 9
Dave Clarke Impromptu 6.5
David Blackwell DERELICT FACTORY 8.5
David Blackwell ST PAUL'S 10
Derek Howes Black- winged Stilt feeding 10
Derek Howes Lesser Kestrels mating 10
Geoff Jackson Great Rann of Kutch camel train 8
Geoff Jackson Tufted gray langur monkeys 10
Graham Brace Family Supper with the Jabiru Storks 8
Graham Brace The Flying Stoat 9
J.L.Merison Low tide, Glenelg 8.5
J.L.Merison The Quarters lake & bridge 7
John Yateman Bearded Tit Hen 7
John Yateman Mother and Child 7.5
Jonathan Dadds Mt Etna 8
Jonathan Dadds Totorro 7
Kate Jackson Boatbuilders, Mandvi Beach 8
Kate Jackson Deluge 8.5
Lynn Mash Sandmartins 7.5
Lynn Mash The Gaffer 8
Lynn Rix Jaguar, Panthera onca, Brazil. 8
Lynn Rix Young Swallows, Hirundo rustico 8.5
Marny Macdonald King Penguins taking a stroll 7.5
Marny Macdonald Wary Red Grouse 8
Martin Gould Beautiful Demoiselle 6.5
Martin Gould The last drink 7
Martin Heathcote Dawn on the Orwell 7.5
Martin Heathcote Portrait of a Bluebell 9
Mary Brace Caiman and catfish 7.5
Mary Brace Tigress, Tadoba National Park, India 7.5
Nancy Shephard Calling all Anti Brexiteers 6.5
Nanvy Shephard Crimson Burst 8.5
Norbert Kiss Beautiful party 7
Norbert Kiss Watching you 8.5
Peter Howard Peaceful Evening 8.5
Peter Howard Sunset over an Old Timer 10
Peter Pangbourne Dragons on the Blackwater 7
Peter Pangbourne Mersea Pontoon before dawn 6.5
Robert Bannister Boxing Brown Hare 9
Robert Bannister White-necked Jacobin Hummingbird Hovering 10
Robert Farrow Ballerina 8.5
Robert Farrow Emperor Dragonfly 7.5
Robert Macdonald Mother and Cub yawning 8.5
Robert Macdonald Polar Bear on the ice 10
Steve Robinson Arctic Tern 8
Steve Robinson Sunset Heron 7
Terry Stone Close Racing 7
Terry Stone Full Trottle 7.5
Tony Bramley Inspiration Point 9
Tony Bramley Suprematist Composition No 86 9
PDI - 1 - Intermediate 2017/18
Author Title Score
Adrian Paris Banyan Tree 7
Adrian Paris Rough Day 7.5
Alison Panbgbourne Purbeck walk 7.5
Alison Pangbourne Portland lighthouse 8
Andrew Smith Damselfly 10
Andrew Smith Mason Bee Emerging from Cocoon 6
Ben Heather Bee Wolf Carrying its Prey 10
Ben Heather Hoverfly Nectaring on Ivy 9
Chrissie Alexander Kelpies 8.5
Chrissie Alexander Pole Dancing 6.5
David Cross Arctic Tern 9
David Cross Mandrillus Sphinx 7.5
Dean Crosdale Jazzing 9
Dean Crosdale Skip yard office 7
Jan Cross Red Kite with Catch 9
Jan Cross Springbok 9
Jeff Scott Night Lights On Mistley Bay 7
Jeff Scott Rumbled 7.5
Jennifer Brett Bumble Bee Feeding 8
Jennifer Brett Sweeping Light 9.5
Kate Merriweather Counting his sheep 6.5
Kate Merriweather Shades of grey 8.5
Ken Wallace Go Mo 8
Ken Wallace Splash 8
Mary Battye Fly on ripening blackberry 8
Mary Battye Southwold Pier at dusk 9
Maureen Blackwell From the Foreshore 9
Maureen Blackwell Galloping Thro' The Mist 8.5
Nesta James Perspex and Glass 9.5
Nesta James St. Paul's mirror image 10
Paul Douglas Cape Romano Dome House - Florida 7
Paul Douglas Waveney Harriers 8
Piers R. Williams Butterfly 9
Piers R. Williams Robin 7.5
Stan Douglas Envy! I've only got a Cycle 6.5
Stan Douglas A Long Day! 8
Steve Ball McQ 8.5
Steve Ball Touch of the Divine 10
Tony Smith Cloudscape 6.5
Tony Smith Green Streak 7
Trev Viney Church Bench 6
Trev Viney Pencils 7

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