Individual Scores
1st Mono Print Competition.

Advanced Mono
Author Image Title Score
Alec Corton Cottage in the Country 8
Alec Corton On Tollesbury Marshes 6.5
Alec Corton Misty Morning Cornwall 5.5
Annie Ringland Misty Morning in the Lakes 9.5
Annie Ringland Ermine 7.5
Annie Ringland Worm's Eye View 7
Clifford Sullivan Temptation 8
Clifford Sullivan Bubbles 7
Clifford Sullivan You Lookin at Me 6
Colin Brett Exmoor Ponies in the Mist 10
Colin Brett Posts in the Dunes 7
Colin Brett Beach People 6.5
Colin Westgate Derelict Croft, Durness 9.5
Colin Westgate Kirkjufell 9.5
Colin Westgate Winter Rannoch Moor 6.5
Dave Clarke Joy of Summer The 9
Dave Clarke Three Swans a Swimming 8.5
Dave Clarke The Lazy Days of Summer 7
Derek Howes Intense Mountain Lion 9
Derek Howes White Pocket Canyon Arizona 7
Elaine Butcher Huts Amongst the Dunes 7.5
Elaine Butcher Gallatin, Montana 7
Elaine Butcher Winter in Yellowstone 7
Geoff Jackson Gujarati 9.5
Geoff Jackson Stella Sea Lion and Cub 9.5
Geoff Jackson Tug of War 8
John Merison Scottish Air Ambulance 6
John Merison Ardvrec Castle 5.5
Jonathan Dadds Into It Over It 8.5
Jonathan Dadds HO99O9 (Horror) 7
Jonathan Dadds Meet Me in St Louis 7
Kate Jackson Humpback Breach 9
Kate Jackson Mathura Monk 9
Kate Jackson Forest Pond 7
Marny Macdonald Water Buffalo at Drinking Pool 10
Marny Macdonald Zebra at Pool at Daybreak 10
Marny Macdonald Lonely Tree 8
Martin Heathcote The Jump 8.5
Martin Heathcote Dead Trees & Drinking Wildebeest 7.5
Martin Heathcote Organ & Screen Southwell Minster 7.5
Nancy Shephard Door At the End of the Garden 7
Nancy Shephard South Bank Noodle Vendor 6
Nancy Shephard Time Out By the Thames 6
Peter Pangbourne Wizard and Kismet 7.5
Peter Pangbourne Windward Leg 7
Peter Pangbourne Pulpit Rock 6.5
Robert Macdonald Polar Bear Comes for a Drink 9
Robert Macdonald Pondering Polar Bear 8.5
Robert Macdonald Osprey with Trout 7
Roy Essery Skies Over Fanad Head 10
Roy Essery Strangler Trees of Angkor Wat 8
Roy Essery Fur is For Animals 7.5
Tony Bramley El Capitan from Cathedral Beach 8.5
Tony Bramley San Francisco Tram Traveller 8.5
Tony Bramley Ferry Terminal Pictorial Impression 6.5
Intermediate Mono
Author Image title Score
Alison Pangbourne Rooftop 8
Alison Pangbourne Portland View 7
Alison Pangbourne Its That Tower Again 6
Andrew Smith Julian Alps, Slovenia 5.5
Geoff Felton Stand and Stare 10
Geoff Felton Canary Wharf 9
Geoff Felton Selfie 9
Jeff Scott Bath Stairway 9.5
Jeff Scott Rugby Training 8.5
Mary Battye Threatening Skies over Glencoe 9
Mary Battye Commando Memorial 8.5
Mary Battye Full Steam Ahead 8.5
Matthew Millard Moving Crystal 6.5
Rod McKenzie Sisters, Ever Loving Sisters 7.5
Rod McKenzie Summer Night 7
Rod McKenzie Young Evangelist 7
Steve Ball Girl at the End of the Pillars 9
Steve Ball Surprised by the Street Entertainer 8.5
Steve Ball Keeping Him Happy 8

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