Individual Scores
1st Round Colour Print Competition.

Advanced Colour Print
Author Image title Score
Alec Corton Dawn by Moonlight 7
Alec Corton Sailing the Broads 7.5
Alec Corton Tropical Plant or Thumberia Mysorensis 8
Annie Ringland Balancing Act 6.5
Annie Ringland Street Life 9
Annie Ringland Walrus 8
Chrissie Hart Black Headed Gull Dispute 9.5
Chrissie Hart British Summer Time 8
Chrissie Hart Exit Left 10
Clifford Sullivan Coming Into Land 7.5
Clifford Sullivan Hawker Moth 7.5
Clifford Sullivan The Journey Begins 9.5
Colin Brett Boats in the Mist 7
Colin Brett Eyes Front 9.5
Colin Brett The Evacuees 7.5
Colin Westgate Icefield 9
Colin Westgate Squall Isle of Harris 9
Colin Westgate Sunrise at Dyrholaey 8.5
Dave Clarke Forget-me-Nots Rule 7.5
Dave Clarke Impromptu 6.5
Dave Clarke Moody Mersea 8.5
David Blackwell Black Magic 9.5
David Blackwell Studio Recording 8.5
David Blackwell Westminster Bridge 9
Derek Howes Colourful Reflections & Black Winged Stilt 8
Derek Howes Dalmation Pelicans Looking for Bovver 10
Derek Howes European Bee Eaters mating 10
Elaine Butcher Calla Lily 8
Elaine Butcher Innocence 7.5
Elaine Butcher Mammoth Springs Yellowstone 7.5
John Merison Dun Telve Broch, Gleneig 7
John Merison The Quarters 7
Jonathan Dadds Etna Church 8.5
Jonathan Dadds Stage Invasion 7.5
Jonathan Dadds Tellison 7.5
Kate Jackson Glacier Bay Sea Life 8
Kate Jackson Morning Prayers 8
Kate Jackson Resting Awhile in Arakhpur 10
Marny Macdonald Common Buzzard 9
Marny Macdonald Polar Bear on the Ice Flow 8.5
Marny Macdonald Polar Bear Rests on the Ice 8.5
Martin Heathcote Abbie 8
Martin Heathcote Dawn on the Orwell 8
Martin Heathcote Portrait of a Bluebell 8
Nancy Shephard Calling All Anti Brexiteers 8.5
Nancy Shephard Cobalt Landscape 10
Nancy Shephard Crimson Burst 7.5
Peter Pangbourne 1st Fall at Golitha 7
Peter Pangbourne Getting Nowhere Fast 7
Peter Pangbourne Smack at Sunset 8.5
Robert Bannister Brown Hare Boxing 7.5
Robert Bannister Kingfisher Taking Off with Fish in Beak 10
Robert Bannister White Necked Jocobin Humming Bird 10
Robert Macdonald Cock Pheasant Contest 8.5
Robert Macdonald Jackdaws with Spider 8.5
Robert Macdonald Kingfisher Emerges 8.5
Roy Essery After the Fire 8.5
Roy Essery Storm Force Winds 8.5
Roy Essery World of Their Own 9
Steve Robinson Dilapidated Shed 7.5
Steve Robinson Linnet 8
Steve Robinson Rock Pool with Seaweed 6.5
Tony Bramley Alpine Pizza, Flagstaff, Route 66 7
Tony Bramley Early Summer Rapeseed Field 8
Tony Bramley Sup Compo No 86 Red Spiral Stairwell 9
Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image title Score
Alison Pangbourne Fishing Boat at Dusk 8
Alison Pangbourne Portland View 8
Alison Pangbourne Warbarrow Bay 8
Chrissie Alexander Rugged Rocks 9
Chrissie Alexander Dark Autumn 6.5
Geoff Felton Tulip 10
Geoff Felton Penny For Your Thoughts 8.5
Geoff Felton Knave 8
Jeff Scott Mr Echo 8.5
Jeff Scott Years and Years 7.5
Jeff Scott Paul Jones 6.5
Mary Battye Southwold Pier 9
Mary Battye Falls at Aberdulais 8.5
Mary Battye Once Loved in the Sound of Mull 7.5
Matthew Millard Fashion 1914 8.5
Matthew Millard Mersea Sunset 7.5
Matthew Millard Ninetieth Birthday 7
Maureen Blackwell Mersea Sunset 8.5
Rod McKenzie Young Talent 8.5
Rod McKenzie Catwalk Model Pose 8
Rod McKenzie Eagle Eye 7
Steve Ball Asa Takes the Long Jump 10
Steve Ball Touch of the Divine 9.5
Steve Ball Keeping an Eye on You 9

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