Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Sumatran Orang-utan 8 Eric Dew Dashing Through The Snow 10
Aysu Bilgic One, Two, Three, Go 8.5 Simon Andrews Storm In The City 10
Ben Heather Winter in Over Dale, Peak District 8.5 Florent Lambert African Boy 9.5
clifford sullivan are you looking at us 8 David Cross Full Steam Ahead 9.5
Colin Brett Up Hill Struggle 8 Andrew Smith Mason Bee with Mud Approaching Her Nest 9.5
Colin Dando Girl in a Box 8.5 Jan Cross Waymarker, Danby Ridge 9.5
David Blackwell Peter Jones 7 Peter Jones Blue Broad Winged Damselfly 9
Derek Howes Siberian Tiger pouncing 10 Maureen Blackwell Titanic Building 9
Gary Eason Morning return 7 Mary Battye Speckled bush cricket on rose 8.5
Graham Brace Caiman Crocodile with Catfish 8.5 Jan Cross Spooked Gemsbok 8.5
Jennifer Brett Natures Art 8.5 Dean Crosdale Tony 8.5
Jonathan Dadds MØL 8.5 Nesta James City Lady Stroll 8
Lynn Mash Keeping Cool 6.5 Chrissie Alexander Eye Eye 8
Lynn Rix European Bee-eaters, preening 9 Simon Andrews Eyes On The Chevy  8
Marny MacDonald Brown Hares 9.5 Dean Crosdale Fashion 8
Martin Gould Backlight Poppies 7 Trev Viney Here for the Summer 8
Martin Leech Splash ! 8.5 Tony Smith Street Artist 8
Mary Brace European Bear Cubs in Finland 8.5 Trev Viney  The Nightlight Carousel 8
Norbert Kiss Puzzle 9.5 Nair Jones Walk on Art 8
Peter Howard Willie Lot's abode 8 Steve Ball Cathedral Sunset 7.5
Peter Pangbourne Caulking 7.5 Peter Jones Just passing through 7.5
Robert Bannister Brown Bear Climbing Tree 8 David Cross Parasol Mushroom 7.5
Robert Farrow Graveyard Meeting 7.5 Alison Pangbourne Sounds of the Andes 7.5
Robert Macdonald A great sand-eel harvest 9 Matthew Millard The Clock 7.5
Steve Robinson Alcock Tarn 9.5 Wendy Leech Acrobatics in the Air 7
Terry Stone Lawnmower Racing 8 Alison Pangbourne Centrepoint 7
Tony Bramley Beached, Southwold 7 Ed Jones Don't forget my tin 7
      Mauren Blackwell Feeding 7
      Andrew Smith Hornet Eating Apple 7
      Jeff Scott Jim Kerr 7
      Steve Ball Oh I do like to be beside the National Theatre 7
      David Banks Prisoner of War 7
      Adrian Paris River Kent slumbers in to Morecambe bay 7
      Chrissie Alexander Shell Sliding 7
      Matthew Millard The Seagull 7
      Nesta James Bishopsgate poise 6.5
      David Neville Net collection, Ha'penny Pier. 6.5
      Matt Biggin Dodging the Rain 6.5
      Tony Argent Ivy Bee on Ivy Flower 6.5
      Tony Argent Oh no, the superhero couldnt catch her 6.5
      Nair Jones Wall Flower 6.5
      Matt Biggin Brain Food 6
      Adrian Paris Can you eat it? 6
Jeff Scott Collision? 6
Tony Smith Cooling Off 6
Mary Battye Elegant feather preener 6
David Neville Messing about on the river. 6
Eric Dew Strong Arm Car Wash 6
Ed Jones Sunlit tree tops 6


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