Individual Scores
1st Round Colour Print Competition.

Advanced Col Print Intermediate Col Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Alert Male Orangutan 10 Alison Pangbourne Roscoff Skies 8
Amit Roy Azure Vase 10 Alison Pangbourne Weston Rise 7.5
Annie Ringland Arctic Fox 8.5 Barry Collier Crocosmia Red Lucifer 8
Annie Ringland Yellowstone Coyote 8.5 Jeff Scott Into the Twilight 8.5
Ben Heather Digger Wasp on Patrol 9.5 Jeff Scott Thoughts 10
Ben Heather Volucella Bombylens 9.5 Mary Battye Emerging from the Mist 10
Cheryl Wilkes Prowling Lion 8 Mary Battye Horses at the Shoreline 7.5
Cheryl Wilkes Sid 8 Matthew Millard Bird Watcher 7.5
Chrissie Hart Honey Bee 10 Matthew Millard Felixstowe 8
Chrissie Hart Two Boats and Two Chairs 10 Rod McKenzie Hubble Bubble 7.5
Clifford Sullivan Amsterdammer 8 Rod McKenzie The Many Colours of Fashion 9.5
Clifford Sullivan The Hunters 7.5 Steve Ball Clouds Over Durham Dales 8.5
Colin Brett Short Eared Owl Resting 9 Steve Ball London Bus on Waterloo Bridge 9
Colin Brett Forties Finery 8.5 Wendy Leech Alongside the Water 7.5
Colin Westgate Misty Morning, Mersea Island 10 Wendy Leech It Was Around Here Somewhere 7.5
Colin Westgate Where the Land Meets the Sky 9.5      
David Blackwell Struggling to Stop the Leak 8.5      
David Blackwell Steam Machine 7.5      
Derek Howes Keel Billed Toucan Just Hopping Along 9      
Derek Howes Black Tern Feeding Chick 8.5      
Jonathan Dadds Happy to be Here 9.5      
Jonathan Dadds Tellison 8.5      
Kate Jackson Blind Lady with Goat 8      
Kate Jackson Rainbow over Loch Torridon 8      
Lynn Rix Brown Hares Suffolk 9      
Lynn Rix European Roller Exchange a Beetle 9      
Marcia Mellor Flour Power 10      
Marcia Mellor Friends 8.5      
Marny Macdonald Egret with Catch 9.5      
Marny Macdonald Camargue Horses at Dusk 9      
Nancy Shephard Misty Morning 10      
Nancy Shephard Girl with Sitar 8.5      
Peter Pangbourne Terracotta Faces 8.5      
Peter Pangbourne Wrecked or Restoration Project 8.5      
Robert Bannister Chicks Riding on Back of Great Crested Grebe 9.5      
Robert Bannister White Pelican in Flight 9      
Robert Macdonald Farne Isle Puffin with Bumper Eel Catch 9.5      
Robert Macdonald Fallow Deer at Sunrise, Bradgate Park 8.5      
Roy Essery Boy of 26 9.5      
Roy Essery Blue Lagoon 8.5      
Steve Robinson Butter Crag from Alcock Tarn 9.5      
Steve Robinson View of the Fells from Ambleside 9      
Terry Stone Just in the Lead 8.5      
Terry Stone Leopard in the Snow 8.5      
Tony Bramley Suprematist Composition No 87 9      
Tony Bramley The Fourth Amendment 9      


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