Advanced Colour Print Intermediate Colour Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Poppy 9 Alison Pangbourne More Bubbles 9
Amit Roy King Vulture 9 Alison Pangbourne Three sets of Spikes 7.5
Annie Ringland Beach in Namibia 8 Barry Collier Golden Ray Newquay 8
Annie Ringland Lioness, Relocating 8 Christine Alexander Rubik Cubes at Bamburgh Beach 9.5
Ben Heather Hummingbird Hawk Moth 8 Christine Alexander Girl with the Unicorn Hair 10
Ben Heather Darter Resting 9 Chris Poole Sandstorm Brewing – Erg Chebbi 10
Cheryl Wilkes African Wild Dogs Play Fighting 9 Chris Poole Rufus collared Sparrow 9
Cheryl Wilkes Little Bee-eaters catching the early morning sun 8.5 Jeff Charles Scott Her Future 9
Chris Aldred Utakleiv Beach 9 Jeff Charles Scott Street Skater 7.5
Chris Aldred Farming the Chalk Downland 9.5 Tony Argent White Van looks tiny next to these metal giants 9
Christine Hart Regret, Where has my life gone? 10 Tony Argent Start of the pier walk 7.5
Christine Hart Swallow, Feeding Fledgling 10 Wendy Leech A Cwmorthan Residence 8
Clifford Sullivan Stepping Out 9 Wendy Leech The eyes have it 7.5
Clifford Sullivan Street Life 10
Colin Brett Restoration Required 10
Colin Brett Misty Sunrise 9
Colin Westgate Breaking Wave, Durness 10
Colin Westgate Smiling Lady, Vietnam 10
David Blackwell The Gate house 10
David Blackwell Back to the Depot 9.5
David Egarton Iceland’s Hostile Environment 9
David Egarton Victorian Pottery Worker 9
Derek Howes A Special Bond 8
Derek Howes Tiger on the Prowl 9.5
Elaine Butcher Hamnoy, Lofoten 9.5
Elaine Butcher Rainy Day – Lofoten 8.5
Geoff Felton Burst Pipe, Tsauo National Park 10
Geoff Felton Catch 9
Hilary Knight Watch Out 8.5
Jonathan Dadds Stormzy- Glastobury 2019 9.5
Jonathan Dadds The Street 8
Kate Jackson Deadvlei Dawn 9.5
Kate Jackson Kondwani from Kirkland 10
Lynn Rix European Bee-eater 8.5
Lynn Rix Red Squirrel 9
Marcia Mellor Dedham Winter’s Morning 8.5
Marcia Mellor Autumn Watch 10
Marny MacDonald Great Grey Shrike 9
Marny MacDonald Kingfisher 8
Martin (Hector) Heathcote Sunbathing Magnolia 9
Martin (Hector) Heathcote Impression of Mersea Island Waterfront 9
Martin Leech Walking in the Rain 9
Martin Leech Derelict Hotel 9.5
Mary Battye Light before the Storm Glencoe 8.5
Mary Battye Female Kingfisher receiving catch from Male 10
Nancy Shephard Innocent Eyes 9
Nancy Shephard Heather 8
Peter Howard Early Morning Mist 10
Peter Howard Early Morning Mont San Michel 9
Peter Pangbourne Mirosa in a hurry 9
Peter Pangbourne Waiting for the Tide 7.5
Robert Bannister Leopard Walking 7.5
Robert Bannister Bee-eater landing by mate 8.5
Robert MacDonald Hoopoe in Flight 8.5
Robert MacDonald Lesser Kestral 9
Roger Cuthbert Waiting for the Train 8
Roger Cuthbert Harvest 8
Roy Essery Sands of Rhyl 10
Roy Essery Light over Fence 10
Stephen  Ball Boy in the Corner 9
Stephen Ball Dave and Derek the Groovy Arts Club Band 9
Steve Robinson Sunset Silouhette 7.5
Steve Robinson Sunlit Tree in Watendlath 8
Terry Stone No Dust in the Lead 9
Terry Stone Meerkat Portrait 9.5
Tony Bramley Southwold Pier Digitally Restored 10
Tony Bramley B&O Play 10