Internal Print Competitions


Prints must be submitted to the Print Secretary at the meeting that takes place one week prior to the competition. In addition PDI images of your entries must also be
e-mailed to the
Print Secretary with the requisite Exif file information and in the same format as for PDI competitions prior to the competition taking place. Follow the instructions in the Image Authoring Advice section on the Documents page of this site if in doubt.

♦ Images MUST be on a 50cm x 40cm mount. This is a universal and specified size of print mount which was established to avoid damage caused by smaller prints to others when placed in a pile prior to judging. Prints should be in a Window Mount however a “full page bleed flush mounted image”, namely one that covers the whole area of

the mount, is also acceptable but please note that damage to the print edges during handling may occur. Please ask if you need help cutting mounts.

♦ Minimum print area 308 sq cm (48 sq inches). Equates to approximately 20.5 x 15.02 cm or 8 x 6 inches.

♦ Image title and the name of the photographer to be clearly shown on the rear of the mount in the top left hand corner when viewed from the back.

♦ The front of the image shall not show any identification as to the photographer.

♦ Printed borders – as required by yourself.

♦ Note that pre-cut-to-size mount-board, backing board and masking tape can
be purchased through the club at bulk prices. Please speak to Vic Hainsworth
(01206 562993) for details.


 Print Competitions 2018/19

Round 1 for Colour Prints: 
16th October 2018 Judge - Gerald Kitiyakara                      

Round 1 for Monochrome Prints:

20th November 2017 Judge - David Robinson ARPS

Round 2 for Colour Prints:
4th December 2018  Judge -  Sarah Kelman ARPS, DPAGB                              

Round 2 for Monochrome Prints:

22nd January 2019 Judge - Chris Aldred ARPS, DPAGB       

Three-on-a-Theme - Print & PDI                                                                      
12th March 2019  Judge - David Steel   

Round 3 Colour Prints:
26th February 2019  Judge - Barbie Lindsay EFIAP'/s,MPAGB,FBE                         

Image of The Year
14th May 2019  Judge - Daphne Hanson
DPAGB APAGB            

Round 3 for Monochrome Prints:

2nd April 2019 Judge - Sue Dobson        

Top Ten Colour Print Authors 2018/19

You are urged to review the rules and other details relating to our competitions and take careful note of the changes that may have occurred from last season.

Internal Print Comp Dates 2018/19


Colour Print Comp No.1

Tue 16th Oct
Judge:Gerald Kitiyakara


Mono Print Comp No.1

Tue 20th Nov
Judge: David Robinson


Colour Print Comp No.2


Mono Print Comp No.2

Tue 22nd Jan
Judge: Chris Aldred


Colour Print Comp No.3


Three on a Theme Comp


Mono Print Comp No.3

Tue 4th Dec
Judge: Sarah Kelman

Tue 26th Feb
Judge: Barbie Lindsay

Tue 12th March
Judge: David Steel

Tue 2nd April
Judge: Sue Dobson

Top Ten Mono Print Authors 2018/19

Advanced Top 10 After Round 1 Intermediate Top 10 After Round 1
Posn Name Images entered Total Posn Name Images entered Total
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
6 7
8 8
9 8
10 10
Advanced Top 10 After Round 1 Intermediate Top 10 After Round 1
Posn Name Images entered Total Posn Name Images entered Total
1 1
2 2
3 3
4 4
5 5
6 6
6 7
8 8
9 8
10 10


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