PDI Advanced Competition PDI Intermediate Competition
Posn Name Top 6 Scores 7th Image 8th Image Posn Name Top 6 Scores 7th Image
1 Aysu Bilgic 59     1 Robert Farrow 56 8
2 David Blackwell 55.5     2 Peter Pangbourne 56 7.5
3 Robert Bannister 54 7.5 7.5 3 Kate Merriweather 55.5  
4 Terry Stone 54 7.5 6 4 Ben Heather 54  
5 Derek Howes 53.5 8.5   5 Tony Argent 52.5  
6 Marny Macdonald 53.5 8 7.5 6 Peter Jones 51.5  
7 Martin Heathcote 53.5 8 7 7 Jennifer Brett 51 7.5
8 Colin Brett 53     8 Nancy Shephard 51 7
9 Robert Macdonald 52.5     9 Paul Douglas 50  
10 Lynn Rix 50.5 8.5   10 Stan Douglas 49.5 7.5
11 Colin Westgate 50.5     11 Andrew Smith 49.5 7

Internal Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions


Images must be submitted to the P.D.I. Secretary by no later than midday on the Friday prior to the date of the competition.

It is imperative that images entered for internal competitions are submitted in the correct format otherwise they may be rejected at submission stage.
If you are in any doubt about how to prepare images for these competitions please carefully study the guides below for whatever software you are using:

 Producing Images for Digital Projection using Photoshop

 Producing Images for Digital Projection using Photoshop Elements

 Producing Images for Digital Projection using Lightroom

Members are permitted to submit two images in each round.



The Essex Challenge Trophy (Images must have been photographed in Essex) where each member can submit two images.

Internal Digital Comp Dates

 Last Seasons Top Scoring Projected Digital Images

Round 1: 27th September 2016: Judge - Julie Hutson CPAGB     |  Advanced | Intermediate

Round 2: 25th October 2016: Judge - David Jordan FRPS            | Advanced | Intermediate

15th November 2016                                                               |           Open Competition
Essex Challenge Trophy
Judge - Nigel Rea ARPS

17th January 2017                                                                                            Advanced     Intermediate
Set Subject PDI Competition Judge - Mike Cowling ARPS.

Round 3: 21st February 2017  Judge - Robert Good                  |  Advanced | Intermediate

21st March 2017                                                                                              |         Open Competition
Digital Triptych Comp. Judge - Roger Winter

Round 4: 28th March 2017  Judge - Mike Fuller                          |  Advanced | Intermediate

Last Seasons Final top standings
Projected Digital Images

The combined score sheets showing the winners of the competitions can be found in the Archive section.

Last Seasons Projected Digital Image of the Year Results

Author Title  
Aysu Bilgic Adult Purple Heron 1st
Dave Clarke Mersea Island view 2nd
Derek Howes Red-eyed tree frog 3rd
Aysu Bilgic Communication on Dusty Route HC
David Blackwell Gants Hill  Station HC
Derek Howes King Penguins Morning Role Call HC
Martin Heathcote Tranquil Sunrise HC
Piers R Williams Green Dragonfly C
Colin Westgate Marigold Orchard, Pushkar C
Peter R.Howard Moonlight serenity C
Colin Brett The Window Cleaner C
Peter R.Howard Winter Sunrise C

9th May 2017                                                                                                      |           Open Competition
Image of the Year Comp. Judge - David Steel DPAGB

Here you will find a downloadable version of next seasons programme or use the "What's On" tab to find out whats on and when.

 7.15pm - 26th September 2017

Competition No. 1

Judge: Howard King

7.15 Start due to bumper crop of entries.

 7.15pm -24th October 2017

 Competition No. 2

 Judge: Naomi Saul

 7.15pm - 20th February 2018

 Competition No. 3

 Judge: Harold Mousley

 21st November 2017

 Essex Challenge Trophy

 Judge: Sue Dobson

 6th March 2018

 Triptych Competition

 Judge: Tom Peck

 7.15 - 10th April 2018

 Competition No. 4

 Judge: Ken Payne

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