Internal Projected Digital Image (PDI) Competitions


Images must be submitted to the P.D.I. Secretary and copied to the Webmaster by no later than the Thursday prior to the date of the competition.

It is imperative that images entered for internal competitions are submitted in the correct format otherwise they may be rejected at submission stage.
If you are in any doubt about how to prepare images for these competitions please carefully study the instructions below.


♦ Members in the Intermediate Section. - A maximum of two images per competition can be entered in rounds 1-4, with one image only permitted in the fifth and final round.
♦ Members in the Advanced Section. - A maximum of one image per competition can be entered in rounds 1-4, with two images permitted in the fifth and final round.



The Essex Challenge Trophy (Images must have been photographed in Essex) where each member can submit two images. Submit as you would for all other PDI competitions.

Projected Digital Images  Competitions 2017/18

Round 1: 26th September 2017: Judge - Howard King        

Round 2: 24th October 2017: Judge - Naomi Saul           

21st November 2017                                                             
Essex Challenge Trophy
Judge - Sue Dobson

Round 3: 20th February 2018:  Judge - Harold Mousley      

6th March 2018                                                                                              
Digital Triptych Comp. Judge - Tom Peck

Round 4: 10th April 2018:  Judge - Ken Payne               

1st May 2018                                                                                               
Street Phtography. Informal Evening.

Members show and discuss PDI images taken for this year's project.

8th May 2018                                                                                                         
Image of the Year Comp. Judge - Barbie Lindsay

Top Ten Authors 2017/18

Advanced Top 10 After Round 4 Intermediate Top 10 After Round 4
Posn Name Images entered Total Posn Name Images entered Total
1 Derek Howes 8 75.5 1 Jennifer Brett 8 74.5
2 David Blackwell 8 74.5 2 Ben Heather 8 74
3 Robert Bannister 8 74 3 Mary Battye 8 71.5
4 Robert Macdonald 8 73.5 4 Steve Ball 8 70
5 Aysu Bilgic 8 72.5 5 Andrew Smith 8 66
6 Peter Howard 8 72 6 Jan Cross 8 65.5
6 Geoff Jackson 8 72 7 David Cross 8 65
8 Lynn Rix 8 70.5 8 Chrissie Alexander 8 63.5
9 Colin Brett 8 70 8 Piers Williams 8 63.5
10 Kate Jackson 8 69 10 Dean Crosdale 8 63
10 Alison Pangbourne 8 63
10 Jeff Scott 8 63

You are urged to review the rules and other details relating to our competitions and take careful note of the changes that may have occurred from last season.

Internal PDI Comp Dates 2018/19


PDI Competition No.1

Tue 9th Oct
Judge: Gerald Kitiyakara LRPS


Essex Challenge

Tue 6th Nov
Judge: Pauline Martindale


PDI Competition No.2

Tue 13th Nov
Judge: Dr. Roger Winter


PDI Competition No.3


PDI Competition No.4


Triptych Competition

Tue 12th March
Judge: David Steel


PDI Competition No.5

Tue 8th Jan
Judge: Bob Good

Tue 5th Feb
Judge: Richard Burn LRPS

Tue 23rd April
Judge: Nigel Rea


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