Okay, it’s a new normal. The things we were all concerned about 90 days ago seem insignificant. COVID-19 is changing the landscape. But know this…one day, it will all be over and we’ll resume worrying about petty things.


We hope that you and your loved ones stay safe, well and positive through this very difficult time.


Matt's Getting the hang of Zoom sessions

As previously communicated to the club our Image of the Year competition on the 14th of July is going to be broadcast on Zoom. Starting on Tuesday 26th May Matt is organising drop-in sessions each Tuesday evening between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm leading up to the event itself to help people get to grips with using Zoom.


The first thing to do is to choose what device you want to connect on and get the Zoom app installed:


Windows/Mac: https://zoom.us/download


iPhone/iPad: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/id546505307


Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=us.zoom.videomeetings


Please only download using these links. They will install the latest, most secure version from the official source.


You do not need to create a Zoom account to be able to join the meeting. Please don’t feel obliged to create an account as you do not need to.


Once you have installed the application on your device a meeting invite will be provided.


This will only work during the meeting times, so don’t expect it to work all the time. Only click on that link to join the meeting when it is running. When the meeting isn’t running you will be placed in a waiting room.


Clicking that link on Windows/Mac will open your browser and then ask if you want to open the Zoom app. On iPhone/Android you will get a notification doing something similar. In both cases, you need to click Open Zoom.


Matt is going to be available to talk you through setting up and connection issues throughout the meeting so please treat it as a drop-in session to make sure you are comfortable connecting to Zoom. You don’t have to hang around long after you’ve connected. The intention is to allow you to ensure you can connect, join the meeting, and are comfortable with Zoom.


You can contact Matt between 7:30 pm and 9:30 pm on the drop-in evenings by phone and he will help you through the process. The number to call is 07860 850 802. Bear in mind that there is one of him and many of you, so expect him to be engaged if he is helping another member. Keep trying and he will get to you as soon as he can. Please feel free to call him anytime during the meeting times and he will help you through installation and connection.


We are holding the remaining PDI Competitions plus the Digital Triptych remotely. Whilst clearly not ideal we believe it better than doing nothing. Judges, the same as those in your programme, have been asked to review your images and to give a mark, plus hopefully a sentence or two about the image.

Links to images, marks and comments for competitions that have already taken place remotely may be seen in the right hand column of the PDI competitions page.

The Advance section results after round five, the final round, showed a tie. Tie breaker images were submitted to the Judge and her comments were:

"Both incredible images but the winner for me is the Golden Eagle Collecting Prey. It is very striking, the light on it is perfect and pin sharp throughout. What also struck me are the flies flying around the Rabbit carcass.

The image of The Black Tailed Godwitt also very good and loved seeing the Eel in its mouth, but does not have the impact of the Eagle image."

The Golden Eagle Collecting Prey was by Derek Howes. Congratulations Derek!  The tie break images submitted by Derek and Colin can be seen here.


The timetable for the remaining competitions is a follows:

Digital Triptych Comp

    Deadline for submission of images to PDI Competition Secretary is Thursday 4th June

    Results from Judge Requested 30th June.

    Note: Normal rules apply re size, metadata, etc.

    Two images allowed per member whether Advanced or Intermediate


Image of the Year Comp

The rules state for this competition that a maximum combined total of two images is allowed for PDI and prints. Therefore usually a choice has to be made  “either 2 PDI’s, 2 prints or 1 of each”. Given that we clearly won’t be having a 2019-20 IOY in prints, there will undoubtedly be some who usually would prefer to submit prints but due to the obvious, may, this year wish to submit a previously seen print as a PDI.

    Deadline for  submission of images to the PDI Image of the Year Thursday is 11th June
    Note: Normal rules apply re size, metadata, etc.

    Two images allowed per member whether Advanced or Intermediate.

External Events

The EAF President regarding Nature Definition


The President of the EAF has received communication from a small number of Clubs and from individual members regarding the new PAGB Nature Definition.


The PAGB has decided to use only appearance as the eligibility criterion for Nature categories in its competitions. To support this it has issued a revised Nature Definition which allows any image manipulation including montage as long as the end result looks like a Nature image.

Also, as part of this revision, the Wildlife definition has been changed to require that images should be "photographed as a single image" which is a more severe restriction than that in the previous PAGB definition or the FIAP/PSA/RPS definition as this may preclude focus stacking. This is despite saying that "images already meeting the separate FIAP Definition of Nature will satisfy this less restrictive definition". In practice the interpretation will depend on the chair of any event using this definition.


The use of montage has the most profound implications: one of the cornerstones of Nature photography is being faithful to the circumstances of the original scene. Photographers who maintain this standard will be at a disadvantage in any future PAGB competitions that involve Nature images as their entries will be competing against images that may have been heavily manipulated.

Many BPE exhibition organisers use the Feb 2018 PAGB Nature definition in their rules so it remains to be seen if they will adopt the new version.


The EAF will determine what action should be taken in response to this change from

responses that were requested and sent in to the President of the EAF. These were used to inform a discussion on the matter at the last Executive Committee meeting. The new definition and an article you may have seen in e-news explaining the PAGB position can be found by clicking the links or going to the Documents page.

PAGB Event Rules Changes

The PAGB Executive has reviewed and agreed changes to the General Conditions for all events, the Monochrome definition and the Nature definition. The rules for each event and the guidance on image repetition have been updated to match the changes. The object is to make compliance by entrant federations and clubs and photographers easier to understand, and so reduce problems arising between entrants and event organisers. The individual documents have been made available on the Documents page under PAGB Documents each being identified by “as of February 2020”


Subsequent additional information
Members are urged to read the Standards, Regulations, Rules for  PAGB events on the Documents page.


Remaining External competitions - Note from External Comp Sec.


Following on from the cancellation of all club activities until next season most local clubs have followed suit.

This means that the last 3 remaining external competitions, The Maldon Challenge, Sudbury Shield and Ipswich Battle have all been cancelled.

I would normally return all prints that have been held for selection in to competitions after the Ipswich Battle and before the end of the season. As this is now not possible I will happily continue to store them in my spare bedroom as I have done since their collection last autumn. If however any of you would like them returned before then please contact me externalcompsec@colchesterphotosoc.co.uk and arrangements can be made for their collection / delivery earlier.

Please look after yourselves and enjoy the spring and summer as best you can.

Chrissie Hart

External Competition Secretary.

Salons, Exhibitions and Circuits


Images submitted are judged to standards set by whomever they have received patronage from and a week or two later, the results for the salon are published. Photos that have won awards, commendations or honourable mentions are then sent certificates, small trophies/medals and in rare cases a salon may offer cash prizes. The rest of the images are either accepted or declined and each photographer is given a report card showing how well they did.

The notion of an acceptance is an important one as the goal of most photographers entering a salon is to earn acceptances. This means your photograph is officially recorded as meeting a minimum standard by the salon judges and they want to include it in that year's suite of exhibited images. The letters after photographer's names come from and indicate how "successful" someone has been in salons over time.

See here for any exhibitions being held.



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