Hi everyone


You would now have received Geoff’s email explaining why, because of technical software issues courtesy of Adobe, we can no longer run the CV Challenge/Triptych Competitions via the website as planned. This clearly is a great pity as it would have been a little different from the norm and also allow members to continue with their photography and engagement with the club.


This sad news has prompted the Committee to reappraise the situation and, as an alternative, we now propose to hold the two remaining PDI Competitions plus the Digital Triptych remotely after all. Whilst clearly not ideal we believe it better than doing nothing. The plan is to get the judge, ideally the same as those in your programme, to review your images and to give a mark, plus hopefully a sentence or two about the image.


The timetable for this is a follows:


 PDI Competition #4

    Deadline for submission of images to PDI Competition Secretary Thursday 9th April

    Results from Judge Requested 5th May.

    We appreciate that you may have already sent in your images to the PDI Comp. Sec.

    for this round and which he will use unless you advise him of your wish to change

    them, which is fine if you do.

    Note: Normal rules apply re size, metadata, etc.

    Two images from Intermediate members and one image from Advanced


PDI Competition #5

    Deadline for submission of images to PDI Competition Secretary Thursday 7th May

    Results from Judge Requested 2nd June.

    Note: Normal rules apply re size, metadata, etc.

     One image from Intermediate members and two images from Advanced


Digital Triptych Comp

    Deadline for submission of images to PDI Competition Secretary Thursday 4th June

    Results from Judge Requested 30th June.

    Note: Normal rules apply re size, metadata, etc.

    Two images allowed per member.


Well that’s it folks....get your images rolling in by the due please. Our apologies for the change in direction, which maybe some of you might feel that the above is a better option anyway.


All the very best to you one and all.


Suspension of normal Club Activities

Hi everyone

It is with much regret that after further consideration and in light of the increased escalation of the virus epidemic your Committee has decided to cancel all clubs proceedings for the reminder of this season.


Serious consideration was given as to whether we might continue to run the two remaining PDI competitions remotely and seek the judges score to determine a winner. We also wondered whether it might be possible to obtain some form of commentary. The conclusion of the majority was that the most important aspect of our competitions are not the scores but rather the sharing of our work with others and also listening the views of “the judge”, especially any advice they care to give.


It is felt that such direct, first-hand, interaction is now temporarily lost by the necessity to close the club  in order to reduce health risks to our members, such clearly being our first and most important priority. In addition we suspect that for many there are other more important priorities in your life at the moment.


So in conclusion all I and your Committee can now do is to wish you and your families well, stay positive and keep safe. Come September I hope that the current situation looks much, much brighter and that everything at the club and with life in general returns to normal. I and the rest of the Committee and it’s members genuinely look seeing you all back after the Summer with smiles on faces and some “stonking great images” to share and delight us with.


Best wishes


A Message from the PAGB President

In view of the current situation that we are all facing it would be remiss of me not to  contribute to this concerning the outbreak of COVD 19 which is having a drastic effect upon all of us.

The PAGB is actively managing the situation regarding events that are planned for Federations, Clubs and Individual Photographers and has taken measures to protect us all. Our event organisers, and others in the photographic community, will keep participants and prospective audience members fully informed of the postponement or cancellation of events and any alternative arrangements that have been made.

As you are no doubt aware, many of our club members are in the high risk group of compromised individuals, me being one of those. I have seen that many clubs are suspending their programme for the remainder of the season and that Federations are also postponing events until further notice.

However, I also note some innovative resilience being demonstrated by many clubs who are setting up online competitions, talks, critiques and demonstrations on social media platforms to keep their members occupied during the period that emergency measures are applied. You can see many of these ideas on the Facebook page “UK Club Photography”, take a look and see what you may be able to manage for your own club.

This is a hobby that we all love and those who organise things for us all unpaid volunteers, currently under a great deal of pressure and doing their best to protect us and to minimise disruption to our activities. Please help them all you can and pull together to ensure that at the end of all of this we can all meet and compete again in, hopefully, the near future.

Stay safe.


President - PAGB

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External Events

Remaining External competitions - Note from External Comp Sec.


Following on from the cancellation of all club activities until next season most local clubs have followed suit.

This means that the last 3 remaining external competitions, The Maldon Challenge, Sudbury Shield and Ipswich Battle have all been cancelled.

I would normally return all prints that have been held for selection in to competitions after the Ipswich Battle and before the end of the season. As this is now not possible I will happily continue to store them in my spare bedroom as I have done since their collection last autumn. If however any of you would like them returned before then please contact me externalcompsec@colchesterphotosoc.co.uk and arrangements can be made for their collection / delivery earlier.

Please look after yourselves and enjoy the spring and summer as best you can.

Chrissie Hart

External Competition Secretary.

EAF 2020 Exhibition

The decision to cancel this event has also now taken place and Steve Robinson will be informing those members who had entries on refunding their entry payments.

PAGB Event Rules Changes

The PAGB Executive has reviewed and agreed changes to the General Conditions for all events, the Monochrome definition and the Nature definition. The rules for each event and the guidance on image repetition have been updated to match the changes. The object is to make compliance by entrant federations and clubs and photographers easier to understand, and so reduce problems arising between entrants and event organisers. The individual documents have been made available on the Documents page under PAGB Documents each being identified by “as of February 2020”


Subsequent additional information
Members are urged to read pages 2 and 3 of the 250th edition of the PAGB e-news
setting out the Standards, Regulations, Rules for  PAGB events.


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Salons, Exhibitions and Circuits


Images submitted are judged to standards set by whomever they have received patronage from and a week or two later, the results for the salon are published. Photos that have won awards, commendations or honourable mentions are then sent certificates, small trophies/medals and in rare cases a salon may offer cash prizes. The rest of the images are either accepted or declined and each photographer is given a report card showing how well they did.

The notion of an acceptance is an important one as the goal of most photographers entering a salon is to earn acceptances. This means your photograph is officially recorded as meeting a minimum standard by the salon judges and they want to include it in that year's suite of exhibited images. The letters after photographer's names come from and indicate how "successful" someone has been in salons over time.

Neath & District PS Salon - Closing date 18th April 2020


Robin Hood Open Digital Exhibition - Closing date 25th April 2020