Digital Triptych

The committee has recently reviewed the competition definition of a Triptych, and has amended the wording which should affect judgement of images entered into any further competitions .

For the purpose of this club’s competition, a triptych is a presentation made up of three (and only three) distinctly separated photographic images displayed on a common background, which must be of a single colour or tone and not an image, pattern or texture. It cannot be one image split into three elements. The only restriction on the arrangement of the triptych’s three images is that they must not meet or overlap. There is no requirement that the three images must be either the same size or the same shape. Added borders, drop shadows etc. are allowed.

The original files should be available if requested and the same images cannot be used in both the Three-on-a-Theme and Triptych competitions.

Scroll down to the bottom of the page for an indication alongside the image titles as to their compliance with the clubs current competition definition.


This article explores how to make a triptych and could set you up on the right track with some useful tips and advice on composition, structure and design.


This link describes how it can be done in Photoshop. Although this is demonstrated in an earlier version of Photoshop the principles should be similar in later versions.




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