Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Jennifer Brett Bee Feeding On Delphinium 8.5 Tony Smith Alien Invasion 8
Christine Hart Black Tailed Godwits 10 Chrissie Alexander Aquafresh 8.5
Robert Farrow Cuttlefish Abstract 9 David Cross Autumn at Arga Fen 8.5
Martin Gould Early morning mist,
Apuseni mountains, Romania
8.5 Mary Battye Bittern on a Mission 8
Graham Brace Giant River Otter, Brazil 8.5 Nesta James City lady leading lines 7.5
Colin Dando Glama Stan 8 Jan Cross Common Darter eating
Speckled Wood Butterfly
Robert Bannister Harvest mouse about to leap 9.5 Jeff Scott Ed Sykes 7.5
Colin Brett Holy Communication 9 Nair Jones Excuse my back 8.5
Gary Eason Winter homecoming 8 Matthew Millard Food at the Mercury 7.5
Mary Brace Hyacinth Macaws, Brazil 8 David Banks Forever Friends 10
Martin Leech In A Hurry 8.5 Matt Biggin Fur lined. I'll go my own way! 8.5
Tony Bramley Jammin 7.5 Eric Dew Glimpse of Colour in the Snow 9
Peter Howard Marine DIY Challenge 8.5 Ed Jones Early morning sunrise 8
Lynn Mash Orfordness Light 10 Ed Jones Heaven in a pool 7.5
Lynn Rix Red Squirrel in Scotland 8.5 Steve Ball Highland Cattle, In Wales? 9
Steve Robinson Remnants of the Snow 9 Nair Jones How many sleeps until spring? 8
Amit Roy Sad Chimpanzee 8 Tony Smith Just you and me 8.5
Aysu Bilgic Sky Painting 8.5 Trevor Viney Kerala Transport - Trev Viney 9
Peter Pangbourne The day the balloon went up 8.5 Eric Dew Let Sleeping Dogs Lie 10
David Blackwell The Trophy 9.5 Wendy Leech Lighthouse at Dusk 8.5
Ben Heather Threes a Crowd 10 Jan Cross Lindisfarne Herring Boat Shed 9.5
Terry Stone Tiger Portrait 8 Andrew Smith Lost in Space 7.5
Clifford Sullivan Timber wolf drinking 8 Alison Pangbourne Lovely locust 9
Derek Howes Tri-coloured Heron
carrying nesting material
9 Tony Argent Me and My Cromach 7.5
Norbert Kiss Whaaat happened 8 Andrew Smith Leaf Cutter Bee Megachile Willughbiella 9
Marny Macdonald White tailed eagles in combat 9 Anne Aldred Memorial Steps 9.5
Robert Macdonald Young Golden Eagle 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Men who marched away 9
      Jeff Scott Mount Kite Flying 8.5
      Wendy Leech Naledi 10
      Dean Crosdale Playing The Cone 8
      Mary Battye Red Admiral 9
      Steve Ball Robert Fraser's Groovy Arts Club Band 8.5
      Chrissie Alexander Soho Nights 7.5
      David Neville Stour Stalwart 8
      Trevor Viney Sunshade Parade 8
      Tony Argent The Blacksmith 7.5
      Dean Crosdale The Bulldog 8.5
      Matthew Millard The Swan 8
      David Neville The view from Willy Lott's cottage 8
      Anne Aldred Through The Mist 9.5
      Matt Biggin Today Tomorrow Tokushichi 8.5
      David Cross Treshnish Puffin 8.5
      Nesta James Waves over jetty 8.5


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