Advanced PDI Intermediate PDI
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Amit Roy Barn Owl 10 Adrian Paris Loving Support 5
Amit Roy Street Orchestra 6 Adrian Paris Sun Set Morecambe Bay 6.5
Aysu Bilgic Onwards and Upwards 10 Alison Pangbourne Stepping stones 8
Aysu Bilgic Red One to Wingmen 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Winter at Mullion Cove 8.5
Colin Brett Garden Spider With Large White Butterfly 10 Andrew Smith Honey Fungus 7
Colin Brett Blea Tarn 8.5 Andrew Smith Trapped Fly 9
Colin Dando Three 8 Ben Heather Portrait of a Marmalade Hoverfly 10
Colin Dando Handlebar Man 7.5 Ben Heather Speckled Wood Butterfly in Morning Light 8.5
David Blackwell Black Magic 9 Chrissie Alexander Jack Sparrow and the Storm in a B Cup 7
David Blackwell Canada Square 10 Chrissie Alexander Upsetting Groot 10
Derek Howes Leopard on the prowl 10 David Cross In Fight Meal 8
Derek Howes Serval pouncing on prey 8.5 David Cross Looking for a Snack 7
Geoff Jackson Lone Vigil at Another Place 10 Dean Crosdale Playing in the street 7
Geoff Jackson Venturing out 10 Dean Crosdale Stunt man 8
Kate Jackson Treasures on the Shore 10 Eric Barker It used to fit 7
Kate Jackson Uncertain Love 9 Eric Barker Please stop 7.5
Lynn Mash Backlit Fungi 8 Jan Cross Dead Tree 7
Lynn Mash Orfordness lighthouse 8 Jan Cross Salt Marsh 5
Lynn Rix Cormorant with Catfish 10 Jeff Scott Evening Bath 8.5
Lynn Rix Hares In March 8.5 Jeff Scott The Love Nest 8.5
Marny Macdonald White Tailed Eagle 10 Jennifer Brett Birds Eye View 8
Marny Macdonald Artic Fox 7 Jennifer Brett Rain Drops On Yellow Rose 10
Nancy Shephard Two O'Clock, Kolkata 8 Mary Battye Mandarin duck 10
Nancy Shephard Glacier Bay, Alaska 7 Mary Battye Melanesian schoolgirl 10
Norbert Kiss Lauren 9 Nesta James Deep Snow - take a break! 7.5
Peter Howard Peaceful Retirement 10 Nesta James Slate Quarry Revival 8
Peter Howard Last Flight Home 8 Paul Douglas Bleak 6.5
Peter Pangbourne Winch and fisherman's cottage Mullion Cove 10 Paul Douglas Poppy Field 8
Peter Pangbourne Three fishing boats Mevagissey 7.5 Peter Jones 8 Ball 7.5
Robert Bannister Red Kite Soaring 10 Peter Jones North Station lights 5
Robert Bannister White-tailed Eagle Above Ice Floe 9 Piers Williams Orchid 9
Robert Farrow Roosting Female Banded Demoiselle 10 Piers Williams Squirrel 7
Robert Farrow Crabstract 8.5 Sanae Fujita Lines of Chochins 5
Robert Macdonald Isla in the snow 9 Sanae Fujita Viltava River in Sunset 8
Robert Macdonald Mad March Hare 8 Stan Douglas Stacey and Bailey 7
Terry Stone Fast Off The Bend 9 Stan Douglas Tea for Two 6.5
Terry Stone Amur Tiger 8.5 Steve Ball Asa Takes the Long Jump 8
Tony Bramley Flame (The), Antelope Canyon, Arizona 9 Steve Ball Evening at St David's Cathedral 8.5
Tony Bramley Park Royal Underground Station 8 Tony Argent Clacton Airshow, Shooting the Diamond Nine 7.5
      Tony Argent Freestyle Motocross Sequence Norfolk Show 8
      Tony Smith Conflict 5.5
      Tony Smith Imitation Is 7.5
      Trev Viney Kent Deer 5
Trev Viney Potty! 5


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