Individual Scores
2nd Mono Print Competition.

Advanced Mono Print Intermediate Mono Print
Author Image Title Score Author Image Title Score
Alec Corton Mr and Mrs Swan 8 Alison Pangbourne Charlotte 7.5
Alec Corton Blacksmith at Work 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Thistle 7.5
Alec Corton Cliff Hotel 8.5 Alison Pangbourne Nets 7
Amit Roy Sizewell B 7 Chrissie Alexander Glasgow Rain 9.5
Amit Roy Emily at Play 7.5 Chrissie Alexander Don't Shoot 8.5
Annie Ringland Pears 7.5 David Banks Wheels and Points 8
Annie Ringland Colonnade 8 David Banks Boat Circle 7
Annie Ringland Quiet Corner 8 Geoff Felton Paddy's Wigwam Liverpool 9.5
Clifford Sullivan It's Not a Discussion 8.5 Geoff Felton Guggenheim 9
Clifford Sullivan Cut Off by the Tide 10 Geoff Felton Kenyan Schoolboy 8.5
Clifford Sullivan Jaguar at Rest 10 Jeff Scott Justin Currie 9
Colin Brett Snowfield Trek 8 Jeff Scott Kevin Pearce 8.5
Colin Brett Stoking Up 8 Jeff Scott River Bath 8
Colin Brett Exmoor Pony 8.5 Mary Battye Mother and Child Trobriand Islands 7.5
Colin Westgate Indian Girl 9 Mary Battye Fish Shack (The) 7
Colin Westgate Fallen Tree, Mersea Island 10 Mary Battye Schoolgirl on Dobu Island, PNG 7
Colin Westgate Icelandic Church 10 Matthew Millard Canary Wharf 7
David Blackwell Shadows 9 Matthew Millard The Bull 7
Derek Howes Hippos Confrontation 8 Matthew Millard Crystal 6.5
Derek Howes Majestic Lion 8.5 Maureen Blackwell Linen Mill 8
Derek Howes White Stallions Galloping 9 Rod McKenzie Power Serve 8.5
Elaine Butcher Steaming Geysers Yellowstone 8.5 Rod McKenzie Wing Walker 8.5
Elaine Butcher Walking Home 9 Rod McKenzie Crazy Hair 8
Elaine Butcher Moonlight Flood 9.5 Steve Ball Mustek Underground Station 10
Geoff Jackson Wild Alaska 8.5 Steve Ball Jetty at Mersea 8.5
Geoff Jackson Legacy (The) 9 Steve Ball Boats on the Blackwater Estuary 7
Geoff Jackson The Quiraing 9
John Merison Crummock Water 7.5
John Merison Storm Approaching Neist Point 7.5
John Merison Clachan Church 8
Jonathan Dadds Bass-ment 7.5
Jonathan Dadds Kill the Stage Lights 7.5
Jonathan Dadds Axes 8
Kate Jackson Pods Wood in Spring 8.5
Kate Jackson Life Finds a Way 9
Kate Jackson Proud Slum Dweller 9
Marny Macdonald Pied Kingfisher Calling 8
Marny Macdonald Zebra with Foal 8.5
Marny Macdonald Buffalo Drinking at Waterhole 9
Nancy Shephard Street Boarder 8
Nancy Shephard Aldeburgh Boat 8.5
Nancy Shephard Begonia on Weathered Wood 8.5
Norbert Kiss Everyday 8
Norbert Kiss 9/11 Memorial Metro Station, New York 8.5
Peter Pangbourne Abandoned Lobster Pot 7.5
Peter Pangbourne Mask on the Rocks 7.5
Peter Pangbourne Exeter Cathedral 8
Robert Macdonald Young Male Lion 7.5
Robert Macdonald Polar Bear Comes to Investigate 8
Roy Essery Twin Gabled Cottage 8.5
Roy Essery Winding Road 8.5
Roy Essery Black Rock Cottage 10
Tony Bramley Angel of the Night 7
Tony Bramley Inspiration Point Yosemite 8
Tony Bramley Tuscan Tree Line 9.5


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